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  • 1 year ago
    Episode 1: Plates are attacking the world! And...they look like giant frisbees...? Uh...they turn into two-legged robots. A teenage girl just decides to get inside one...because it's the most logical option. And she's talking to it...Okay. Whatever.

    The robots aren't even moving their joints. They're just floating around like statues. And why are the kids laughing while they're being carried by a huge robot?

    This story is nonsense. There's no intensity whatsoever. Hell, there's even an old lady who isn't spooked at all by this giant f***ing...Oh and she says, "Have a tomato!" Anyways, good night...
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  • 1 year ago
    Some critics have said that this anime opening is very subtly sensual. See, there's tons of naked women all over the intro. And the lyrics are about having hot sex on a bed of roses. Very subtle.
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