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  • 1 year ago
    I dropped Borderlands 2. Hated its new consolized UI, and the move from a compass to a minimap, and the dialogue and humor that made me actually mute the characters. Something about it made me want to keep playing, but every step of the way I was just annoyed at the decisions made for this sequel.
    Part of me wants to try The Pre-Sequel. Another part expects it to be the same as BL2.
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    • Nodley
      Editing … I played Borderlands just the other week. Some games stand the test of time, some games will ALWAYS be fun no matter their age. Borderlands in 2018 was shit.
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    • Husky Wing
      Husky Wing
      Editing … I at least prefer the first game's ignorable writing, and PC-based UI. Definitely prefer the BL1 characters too. I don't care for the lore, artstyle, or even gunplay of the whole series though. As my friend says, everything I dislike about Borderlands is what makes them Borderlands.
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    • Nodley
      Editing … I don't like a single thing about it. Everything it does other games do better.
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  • 1 year ago
    SpoilerYou're walking through the wastes
    There's no one around, and there's purple loot
    Out of the corner of your eye you spot him
    (Husky the Cunt)

    He's following you, about thirty feet back
    He pushes down on shift and breaks into a sprint
    He's gaining on you
    (Husky the Cunt)

    You're looking for your gun but you're all turned around
    He's almost stolen it now, and you can see there's guns in his inv
    There's no more loot anywhere!

    Running for your loot from Husky the Cunt
    He's carrying a gun, it's Husky the Cunt
    Lurking in the shadows
    Multiplayer partner, Husky the Cunt
    Living in the wastes, Husky the Cunt
    Stealing for cash, Husky the Cunt
    Taking all the rifles
    Actual loot stealer Husky the Cunt

    Now it's clear, the loot seems to have vanished
    But you've helplessly lost your gear
    Stranded with a shotgun thief
    You creep silently through the borderlands
    Aha! In the distance
    A small class mod with a blue tint
    You move stealthily toward it
    But your leg! AH! It's caught in a phase lock!

    Crouching to the floor, quiet, quiet
    Sneaking to the class mod, quiet, quiet
    You're almost upon it
    Sitting aside, Husky the Cunt
    Looking at his guns, Husky the Cunt
    But he doesn't hear you coming, Husky the Cunt
    You're sneaking up behind him
    Strangling your partner Husky the Cunt
    Fighting for your loot with Husky the Cunt
    Wrestling a gun from Husky the Cunt
    Shoot him in his kidney
    Safe at last from Husky the Cunt

    You limp through the borderlands
    Loot oozing from your new inv
    You've beaten Husky the Cunt...

    Wait! He isn't dead! Husky surprise!
    There's a gun to your head and death in his eyes
    But you can summon Deathtrap (You can do it)
    Laser beam your partner Husky the Cunt
    Legendary fight with Husky the Cunt
    Normal Tuesday night for Husky the Cunt
    You try to throw a 'nade at Husky the Cunt
    But time is draining fast from your Deathtrap
    He's dodging every throw, he knocks one to the left
    You claw him to the right, you catch him in the neck
    You choose not to revive him...
    You have just annihilated Husky the Cunt!

    Your foe respawns in the distance, expressionless
    You crouch and find a legendary
    You're finally safe from Husky the Cunt...
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  • 1 year ago
    Adoring Fan: I love how I just have to look at loot
    Adoring Fan: and you practically teleport next to me
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