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  • 4 years ago
    Someone's been logging into my account.
    Thing is, I created that account at least seven years ago, and it has nothing on it. I haven't even used it since its creation.
    But I mean, how dare some stranger have control over my account?
    I didn't have the password or the answer to the security question. What do?
    Contact support. Get a reply, they need more info. Unfortunately I can't respond to a ticket without logging in, so I make a new ticket referencing the old one. They suggest I do a live chat, and they find that I can't really *prove* I own the account, but like, the account is useless, so we agree to delete the old one and create one anew.
    Nobody can control my dead accounts 8-)

    maybe I'll try some Diablo or Hearthstone soon. Those look mighty fun.

    also, great support. Very fast. Really nice.
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    • MarconeAntelius
      Editing … Blizzard stole my account. I changed phones and lost the use of the authenticator. Tried to use the new phone, no go. Couldn't log in to my account to change the number over so I tried to reinstall on my old phone, still nothing. I contacted Blizzard about it and they wanted me to send them a scan of my ID. I didn't want to because, well, there's this thing called customer privacy. The last thing the tech guy said to me was "At this point it just looks like you're trying to steal the account." and ended the chat session. They can keep it. Blizzard will not get any more of my money ever again, not even for the Warcraft movie.
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    • Husky Wing
      Husky Wing
      Editing … I suppose it's hard to prove you're *you*. Some of my friends have had major issues with Steam's mobile authenticator as well, I refuse to use it.
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