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  • 5 years ago

    Latest updates to Alex Kidd in Radaxian rumble (1.02e):
    -Tweaked hit detection on several entities (vines, flames, bear boss, tentacle, crown, etc.)
    -Level 3 overhaul with a beach theme and a new trap making use of a bug in the original game (thanks to The Arbiter for the idea)
    -No code needed to continue if you have enough money (thanks to Calindro)
    -A few level design and graphical tweaks here and there. 0D is now more fair and fun even without the chopper.
    -Fixed some respawning issues (lvl 0D, lvl 09)
    -Better clues for some hazards (lvl 0C)
    -Less easy money early on (as requested by the Arbiter)

    Upcoming (1.03):
    -Major updates to level 0E and minor updates to level 03 and the bonus level (discovered an afaik previously unknown trigger placed in this level)
    -Minor graphical fixes
    -Some story/dialogue changes
    -New Alex Kidd sprite (possibly Wonder Boy (MW1), Kelesis (Golvellius), and Sonic as well)
    -New underwater segment in level 05
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