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  • Nathan Sinclair wrote his opinion about Aerith Gainsborough
    5 years ago
    My first time playing ff7 she was always in my party. it was shocking to see her pass away. I didn't totally get the story that she had though. anyway.. it was like she left before her time. It was stunning to see such a raw experience happen in a video game. She was kidnapped, experimented on, given the short end of the stick. But she became the reason I continued playing the game. it was like she was with the party on the airship, and in our hearts.
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  • Wrl6199 wrote his opinion about Aerith Gainsborough
    6 years ago
    She is a great character. She is often overshadowed by Cloud and sephiroth. But she had one of the mos iconic moments in gaming.
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  • Bobo wrote his opinion about Aerith Gainsborough
    6 years ago
    Aeris....oooh my sweet Aeris :) much I cried when she was murdered by Sephiroth!
    In my opinion she represents a magical combination of qualities: sweetness, healing, courage...and the power of stopping Sephiroth thanks to her spiritual strenght.
    She is the centre of Final Fantasy 7. The centre of everything...
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Aeris Gainsborough

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