Announcement: July 2020

(Realizing that only a small percentage of the user base received our announcement / newsletter mail, we decided to post it as a static page.)



Hi, we would like to give you an update on Favslist.

In the recent couple of years there hasn't been any active administration or development on the website. The user base dwindled down to a core group, and more and more unsquashed bugs kept creeping up.

But that all changed in the summer of 2019 when the administration rights had been given to a new group of dedicated users from the community. That's us! We tried our best to work with the old framework, but ultimately decided to discontinue it in favor of a redesign.

Now, that redesign might still not be finished – far from it – but it is ready enough to entertain a userbase and start rebuiding our community. We'll call it "pre-alpha".

What you can do:

  • Change your account data, preferences, appearance, and things like that.
  • Make friends, follow users, and manage them all.
  • Start conversations and leave comments anywhere you could before.

Core features that aren't available yet:

  • Register as a new user.
  • Send and receive private messages.
  • Start or edit a Toplist.
  • Create or edit a Page.
  • Rank or rate a Page.

Also: we've updated the privacy policy. So go ahead and check it out as well.

Some people have asked for a deletion of their user account. Unfortunately, that's not done yet either, but it's definitely on our TODO list. We will send another newsletter as soon as it's available.

Since you never opted in to any newsletter, this mail will be a one-time exception. If you wish to stay in the loop, log in and opt in to the newsletter under account-settings.

Kind regards,
the Favslist team
(HuskyWing, 『    』Shiro & WoodrowShigeru)