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Stealth RUSH rated Waku Waku 7

2 weeks ago

Waku Waku 7

The seven magical Waku Waku balls have surfaced once again and the few that know of their existence decide to battle against each other in order to collect them all. If they are able to defeat the powerful monster enslaved in them, the Waku Waku balls wil...

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Stealth RUSHBlaster Master Zero

4 weeks ago

Trailer of Blaster Master Zero

Blaster Master Zero – Nintendo Switch Trailer - Yo...

Blaster Master Zero is a 8-bit style top-down & side-view 2D action-adventure game that harkens back to the golden age of the NES. Blaster Master Zero uses t...

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rockshard PhD 9.99 is quite reasonable.

4 weeks ago

Stealth RUSHPolitical correctness

1 month ago

Facts, Not Feelings: Snowflakes, Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings

Stealth RUSH ranked Bonne Jenet into Most Attractive Female Character Designs

1 month ago

Bonne Jenet

B. Jenet (B・ジェニー, Bii. Jenne), Bonne Jenet in full, is a character from both Garou: Mark of the Wolves and The King of Fighters series. She was voted as the third favorite character during her debut. She is voiced by Rei Saitō and Gina Rose.

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free fall Yar har, fiddle dee dee

1 month ago

Stealth RUSHNintendo Switch

1 month ago

BitHead1000 opinion (☞゚∀゚)☞

Stealth RUSH rated The Incredible Crash Dummies and 1 more page

2 months ago

The Incredible Crash Dummies

Have fun with some real headbangers... THE INCREDIBLE CRASH DUMMIES!! Spare Tire's been dummy-napped, and it's up to Slick 'n' Spin to rescue him from the clutches of The Junkman! Lend 'em a hand as they: Slam and jam on the Crash Test Center tire bounce!...

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Stealth RUSH ranked Favorite Sega Systems Games into Most Anticipated Lists

3 months ago

Favorite Sega Systems Games

Best games on any Sega platform.

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Silent Gamer I can't see that logo without hearing the soundbite in my head

3 months ago

Aramonde Hasashi Same hear. When i got my old Genesis working again i pressed the reset button over and over just to hear that intro.

3 months ago

Stealth RUSH rated Million Dollar Extreme Present...

3 months ago

Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace

Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace is an American comedy television series starring sketch comedy group Million Dollar Extreme. The series premiered on August 5, 2016, on Adult Swim.

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Stealth RUSHChuChu Rocket!

3 months ago

ChuChu Rocket Is Back Online!

ChuChu Rocket! Is Back Online! - YouTube

The very first online Dreamcast game, ChuChu Rocket!, is back online thanks to the efforts of Jonas Karlsson! To connect, simply set your DNS server to 46.10...

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Stealth RUSH rated Devilish (DS) and 25 more pages

3 months ago

Devilish (DS)

Devilish is a remake of the original game of the same name. Control two paddles together to move the ball upward through enemies and obstacles and fight the occasional boss. The game uses the dual-screen capability of the DS to give a greater view of the...

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