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Mr. ZAPPape Badiane

10 minutes ago

I was just casually looking at some profile stuff and ended up back on your profile. Just felt like writing this.

I joined this site over two years ago. I've known it longer with you dead than with you alive. That's a bit surreal and hard to think about. Even though the lots are just being kept on, I feel like I've settled in here pretty well. I like and get along pretty well with a bunch of the few people who are still around, and if you had lived I think, I hope that you would have been among them.

Despite you being gone and unable to know I'm posting this, I'm thankful you made this place and I appreciate this as your legacy. It fulfills a niche that I like that I still haven't been able to find anywhere else. I wish I had any amount of programming or technical skills at all, because I know that sooner or later this place will most likely die for good and I would love to see your legacy- and this community- prolonged. I'll keep adding pages when it comes up in my ratings, for what it's worth (and yes, guys, I'll get around to actually filling them out completely! Don't rush me.). So even without much else and maybe without much point, this site is still growing, at least a little bit.

James PrumosPape Badiane

9 months ago

I come here every few months just to keep up on things and maybe update my lists, but then I saw the banner...Pape, I just wanna tell you that favslist and unikgamer were great websites, nobody ever made something like this before or since. You were also always a kind person, very understanding as well. Rest in peace, friend.

Silent GamerPape Badiane

10 months ago

Thinking of you buddy. Persona 5 is gonna be in my PS4 for some time to come and it's hard to think of P5 without thinking of you too. As melodrmatic as it sounds, Persona 4 and Favslist both combined to turn me into the person I am right now. They helped me out of a really dark place and I owe you for that. Thanks again for everything Pape! Hopefully Favslist will go on, but if not, I'm still greatful for what the site did for me.

Anders HammarPape Badiane

10 months ago

I'm sure most people here don't even remember me, since I sort of lost interest in the site after it went from Unikgamer to Favslist. I disagreed with the direction of the site, that splitting its focus would only make things watered down overall and I didn't feel the same attachment to the site anymore. So eventually I stopped coming around...
And that why I'm here 4 months late in shock and disbelief. While Papi and I disagreed how the site should evolve, I always had huge respect for the man. Always friendly, always open to feedback, always willing to speak candidly about his thoughts and ideas. So even when my opinions differed from him, after talking to him about it I always came out of it respecting his vision and thoughts. Because the guy never did anything that he didn't think was to the benefit of the community. He always had people's best interest in mind.
In the last and a half year or so of Unikgamer's life, after pestering him with game requests and updates for a couple of months, Papi gave me database access and the freedom to add games by myself. These days that's just basic functionality since anyone can add anything on Favslist, but at the time I believe I was the first "outsider" to receive that privilege. The fact that he was willing to entrust his pet project to this random guy in Sweden he had never met was a huge honor, but I think he recognized that I wouldn't screw with his site and that I shared his vision for the site at the time. And after a while he added a few more of the users to the database crew, so I guess he viewed me as a successful experiment.
I don't know, guess it's kind of a long-winded story of little purpose. It's just the fact that he let me poke at his brainchild mostly freely, it meant something to me. That's just the kind of person he was, he was willing to trust in people. Trust that they were as well intended as he was. Sometimes that can backfire, but atleast back in the Unikgamer days it didn't, all the people he added were good people. He always seemed very appreciative by my additions to the site and gave me encouragement and support.
Ok, I better stop before I meander on too much. Papi was a good man with a good heart. I'm glad to have known him and been able to help him with his project. I hope my small contribution had a minor net positive effect in his life, he sure had one in mine. The world is lesser without him and he will be missed. Thoughts go out to family and friends and anyone else who had the privilege of knowing him. Rest in peace.

Air BearPape Badiane

11 months ago

so tonight I'm doing homework and here that persona 5 is finally right around the corner. I stopped what I was doing and immediately thought back to all the time I spent on an amazing site called unikgamer, which had literally the best online community I've ever been a part of. Naturally I had to check on this new site to see how everyone is doing, but instead, this bad news

All I can say is that I'm sad and that I wish I had come on favslist more to enjoy the kind of cool community that only Papissama could create. RIP and thanks and if there is any justice in the universe, you can play all the games you want in the afterlife.

Bob GutSmashaPape Badiane

1 year ago

I got a message from Nod telling me what happened. This sucks so much, I got to interact with some really cool people because of you. If any of his relatives read this, I wish you all the best, Pape was a gentle and kind person.

Waluigifan !Pape Badiane

1 year ago

I made these so that I will never forget!
One for home and one for my workplace. If you want to print these for yourself then you can use this file as a reference: http://waluigi.de/pape2.png
The file should be very close to a 18x13cm picture frame (although the photo printing service warned me that it's a tiny little bit too small and that there will be some white edges around the picture - but in reality this isn't the case). I can also upload the Photoshop file if you are interested.

Silent Gamer That\'s great Waluigi

1 year ago

Silent GamerPape Badiane

1 year ago

Looking at that banner up there, it dawned on me how closely I tie your avatars with your personality. That guy up there, while still a suave-looking handsome man is not instantly recognsed by me as Pape. This is my Papissama: http://i.imgur.com/6WczgIt.jpg

Husky is that pink anime-ish fellow, Chem is a female Pikachu and Waluigi is, well, Waluigi XD So if we ever meet, I'll probs be super confused for a while So yea, who says looks are important, we could just all walk around wearing avatar masks and we'd get on alright

Kevin Coffey I'm me.. I'll just wear a mask of me. I still see you as your UnikG avatar Rich. I just assumed Waluigifan always dressed up as Waluigi.

1 year ago

Mr. ZAP I think the world would be much more fun if everyone just dressed as Waluigi.

1 year ago

Dr Eggnog I would be less scared if everyone dressed as zombies.

1 year ago

Stephanie TaylorPape Badiane

1 year ago

I'm in shock... I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said. Can't believe you're gone so soon. RIP, and my condolences to your family and loved ones.

Djinn FighterPape Badiane

1 year ago

So, I just heard the news... It's so terrible, I'm having a hard time realizing that it's true.
I interacted with Pape several times in the last 6 years of UnikGamer/Favslist, but I can't say that I knew him well. But, I can tell he was a good person and he did a good job as the leader of the best online community I've been part of.

36 years old is way too young to die. Rest in peace Pape. And thank you! You will be missed...