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Demi AxersiaYs VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

1 month ago

It sucks when you play the latest game in the series, and you're like "This is awesome! I'm really in an Ys mood right now and should play that last game I skipped." But then I look up footage of Ys: Memories of Celceta, and I'm like "Nope... Not the same game. No jumping, no behind-the-back-camera, no 60fps, bosses take goddamn FOREVER..." I'm sure it's still a fine game, but it's just not the downgrade I'm looking for right now. I might just pick up Ys Origin on PS4 or Vita, though...

Anyway, Ys VIII's really good. Be sure to get it on PS4 or PC so you don't miss out on the additional content.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is the eighth numbered installment in the storied action-RPG franchise created by Nihon Falcom. Following tradition, Ys VIII once again finds the series' protagonist, Adol Christin, shipped wrecked in an unfamiliar country altho...

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Travis Green Yeah, the series has gone through many different phases over the years. VIII is essentially the ultimate evolution of the party phase, taking the system started in Seven but also bringing back the platforming elements from the previous phase in the series, and also adjusting the camera. So, just liking one game doesn't mean you'll love them all. VIII is my favorite, but Origin, Oath in Felghana and Ark of Napishtim are all excellent as well.

1 month ago

Demi Axersia ranked Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana into Favorite PlayStation 4 Games

2 months ago

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is the eighth numbered installment in the storied action-RPG franchise created by Nihon Falcom. Following tradition, Ys VIII once again finds the series' protagonist, Adol Christin, shipped wrecked in an unfamiliar country altho...

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Demi AxersiaSuper NES Classic Edition

2 months ago

So I got in my pre-order on Amazon France, but I don't know that I even want it... 95 euros + 5 euros shipping is at least double what this thing is actually worth. And they kinda ruined the design by hiding the controller ports behind a panel, meaning you'll always have this ugly piece of plastic sticking out if you want controllers plugged in.

Anyway, I'll leave it sitting there for now just so I don't need to worry about it the coming days, but I might just cancel it anyway.

Super NES Classic Edition

Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition, known as Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System in Europe and Australia and the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom (Japanese: ニンテンドークラシックミニ スーパーファミコン) in Japan, is the s...

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Gries He cancel it right now

2 months ago

Demi Axersia Why? Do you wanna swoop in and take my pre-order? Amazon France seems to have a lot of them so just keep refreshing the site 24/7 and I'm sure you'll get lucky. (Or just have a tab open with https://www.stockinformer.co.uk/checker-super-nintendo-entertainment-system-snes and as soon as it says "New Stock Alert" go check.)

2 months ago

Demi Axersia ranked Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle into Favorite Turn-Based Strategy Games

2 months ago

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

The first piece of art has leaked from Ubisoft and Nintendo's upcoming collaboration game for Switch, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is apparently being build with Ubisoft’s Snowdrop engine. The game is said to be including...

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Demi AxersiaNintendo 3DS

3 months ago

Big day for 3DS hacking (actually a couple days ago now...). 3DS hacking was already really easy if you were on 11.3 or lower, but from 11.4 onward you were shit outta luck if you didn't wanna open up your console to do some soldering.

There's now a new method called ntrboothax, which works on all 3DS systems ever released, on all firmwares past and likely future as well.

All it requires is a magnet (unless you have a regular 2DS), a specific flashcard (more should be made compatible in the future, but it's only 18 bucks and easy to come by), and a 3DS already running custom firmware so you can install the exploit to the flashcard.

In the future, there should be a new method released which uses the Action Replay Powersaves rather than a second system. But honestly, if you don't have the necessary equipment, I'm sure you can find someone local to do it for you for 10 bucks.

I've been waiting for this as I got a New Nintendo 2DS XL (Liquid Metal Slime Edition) two weeks ago which shipped with 11.4. Now I can finally region-unlock that thing to use it with my entire collection of games, and grab myself a copy of Xenoblade and Hyrule Warriors.

Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS (Japanese: ニンテンドー3DS, Hepburn: Nintendō Surī Dī Esu, abbreviated to 3DS) is a portable game console produced by Nintendo. It is capable of displaying stereoscopic 3D effects without the use of 3D glasses or additional accessories. Nintend...

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Demi Axersia So someone already came along and created a rom file that you can load off the flashcard, that patches the flashcard to allow ntrboothax. So the entire process can now be completed even with a single unhacked system.

3 months ago

Demi AxersiaFinal Fantasy X-2

3 months ago

Arghhh! I\'m such a slave to physical media! Why did I just buy a physical English Vita copy of FFX-2 when I only picked up and beat the PS4 version two months ago?! I wasn\'t even looking for it. It just caught the corner of my eye.

But it was only 32 dollars with free shipping! As soon as this seller runs out, you can probably flip it for double as it\'s quite hard to come by (unless you live in Hong Kong/Singapore/Malaysia, in which case it might be easier). There\'s only 2 left. Get it while it\'s hot:


Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy X-2 (ファイナルファンタジーX-2, Fainaru Fantajī Ten Tsū?) is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation 2 video game console. The direct sequel to Final Fantasy X, the game's story follows the character Yuna from Fi...

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Djinn Fighter Yep it sucks. I bought a used copy of FFX/FFX2 on vita a couple of years ago. Then I learned that FFX2 was just a code, and it was already used by the previous owner. So, basically, I just bought FFX..

3 months ago

Ulty The real question here is why would anyone in their right mind spend money on these two pieces of shit?

3 months ago

rockshard PhD Jrpg fans will like anything and they are to blame to why we can't have nice things. In their twisted mind good games are against the law or something. I tried to play Monster Hunter and Gods Eater Burst, they make you wait a full minute before you can start the next quest. You literally have to walk around for a minute. I thought random battles were bad. It's starting to look like no aspect of these games are supposed to make sense. I don't see Namco putting the wait mechanic (everything qualifies as a game mechanic now, put dog shit in the game case, that's a "mechanic" - don't like it? That's like your opinion man) in their other games, but God Eater is a Monster Hunter ripoff and Monster Hunter had it so obviously God's Eater has it too. Duh! ... It's utterly surreal. Could this all be the product an "obedience driven culture?" https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JVqMAlgAnlo

3 months ago

Demi AxersiaDragon Quest XI

3 months ago

Gahhh, I wish I had more time to play this game! I've had the PS4 version for 5 days now but I'm only 30 hours in, and it seems I'm only halfway through.

They made a real DQ game here. A worthy successor to DQ8. Not that DQ9 wasn't any good, it just wasn't what I'd hoped for. DQ11 so far has met my expectations on almost all accounts. There's two aspects where it does fall short, though...

First off, the music. There doesn't seem to be as much original music in this as previous games. They've recycled a bunch, especially from DQ8. While there are some areas and scenes where this makes sense, just randomly throwing in a town theme from DQ8 because there's only 1 original town theme is kind of a bummer.

Secondly, DQ8 was the perfect game at the time. The only thing it was still missing was a seamless world, which might not have been possible with the technology they had. My vision for a DQ8 successor is that it'd finally have this seamless world.

Unfortunately, the game is still heavily zoned, perhaps even moreso than DQ8. In DQ8, I feel you could follow a path, and you'd either hit a loading screen for a town, a dungeon, or the sea. It was extremely smart and elegant in its zoning. In DQ11, you can reach the end of a path and will need to load the next zone. Granted, they can be massive, but I suppose having the horse available from the get-go can make them feel a lot smaller. At least you don't need to load a house's interior anymore.

I just hope the game wasn't held back by the 3DS version... It's been said that the 3DS version didn't start development until the PS4 version was halfway done, but that it was "always the plan" (sure....). It's also been said that the 3DS world had to be scaled down, because the 2D version got too big for a 2D sprite-based RPG.

It's fine, though. This is, by all accounts, the game I've been waiting for. I went into it thinking I'd probably like it more than Breath of the Wild, but didn't think it'd top Nier Automata. Now I'm not so sure anymore. It's so good!

I'll be starting a new playthrough of the 3DS version on my Liquid Metal Slime 2DS XL today on the train. The game doesn't have a job system, but the skill system is basically the same as DQ8 (just with a hexagonal license board presentation), meaning there's quite a bit of replayability as using a new weapon can make you feel like using a new class.

I've also tried out the password system to import my PS4 save into the 3DS version, and yes, it totally works! Your party's levels will be set to that of the hero, and your equipment will be the best purchasable at that point. You might lose a little story progress though, as I think you need to hit a completion flag for each town. So while not a substitute for a true cross-save cloud service, it's perfectly fine if you want to switch versions halfway in case you're going on vacation or whatever.

All in all, the game definitely feels like a sendoff for the series and a big thank you to the fans. Yuji Horii himself said there might not be another one directed by him (guy's in his sixties, y'know?), so he really had to make this the best game it can be, and use all his ideas he'd built up over the years. I'm extremely excited to see how this story ends, moreso than any DQ before it.

Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI is the eleventh main series entry in the Dragon Quest series, developed and published by Square Enix. It is currently in development for PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo NX. The game is currently scheduled for release in Japan in 2...

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Ulty From what I understand, you wanted an open world DQ. That would be really amazing, but DQ never rolled like that. I am so fucking pumped for this game, if it's as good as DQVIII i'll be in heaven

3 months ago

Demi Axersia It didn't need to be open world, just seamless. With good level design there's plenty of ways to gate the player. Keep in mind even Jak & Daxter was a seamless game. I guess I always just figured that with current-gen hardware, they'd try to make a game where you could just walk into a town without a loading screen. It's totally doable, and I'm a bit worried they didn't even bother as they had to divide the game into chunks for the 3DS version anyway. Speaking of which, I got to play a couple hours of it today, and it's a completely different experience. You can still ride a horse, but there isn't much point to it because you can just walk from one end of a zone to the other in like 30 secs. A distance that would've felt like a "journey" in the PS4 version. The battles are also sped up (not necessarily a bad thing...). If you want a quicker abridged version with the same story, the 3DS version is the way to go. Also, the 2D mode feels... off. It's too spacious. You can definitely tell that had they made it any bigger, it would've become a problem. But was it really worth sacrificing the size of the game world, just add in a retro mode as a bonus? Ah well, I suppose it doesn't matter. Anyone who cares enough to play the game as it was intended can just play the PS4 version.

3 months ago

Ulty Sure but when we're talking about RPG's or adventure games, those caracteristics are usually associated with open-world games. But I understand your point, and I agree it would've been better for immersion. I guess the culprit there might be the decision of making a 3DS version, but honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the decision was made early on in development. I love the DQ team, but when it comes to game design and holding on to traditions they're total dinossaurs.

3 months ago

Demi Axersia ranked .hack//G.U. Last Recode into Most Anticipated Games

4 months ago

.hack//G.U. Last Recode

.hack//G.U. Last Recode is a Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 remaster of .hack//G.U., a single-player action role-playing game series from the PlayStation 2, developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Bandai Namco Games. The remaster compiles element...

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Demi AxersiaJapanese-style RPG

4 months ago

Anyone else remember the days when JRPGs were so sought after, you just had to pre-order or buy them close to release or else you'd be shit outta luck?

The most recent example I can still think of was Radiant Historia (now a 6 y/o game). I missed the boat initially, and people were trying to pawn them off on eBay at double the MSRP (whether they were successful, I don't know). Atlus then released a second batch a year later due to popular demand, and I was happy to pick it up then.

Now you can go on Amazon and pick up a new copy for 25 bucks from some third-party seller (or, y'know, wait for the 3DS re-release). Heck, I was surprised at the selection of old games in stock at Amazon themselves.

Need a factory-sealed copy of Harvest Moon: Magical Melody for GameCube? Sure, they have those at 20 bucks a pop. Wish I'd known before spending more than that on a used copy earlier this year... Suikoden Tierkreis, one of those DS games I thought I'd missed the boat on and would never own? Again, Amazon has it for 40 bucks. And how about a shiny new copy of Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne for PS2? It's only 15 bucks.

It seems my entire collection has devalued by a lot in recent years. None of my PS2 games are worth shit anymore. None of my Atlus and Nippon Ichi stuff. Games that retained their value for many years, have now completely depreciated.

New JRPGs coming out never reach that status of being a "rare" high-value item. After all, why pay 100 bucks for a physical copy when you can get it digitally for half?

There's also less and less reason to own physical media in the first place. Games come in flimsy cases without manuals, and most games aren't even complete until the day 1 one patch. FF15? A wreck. Type-0 HD? It had that horrible motion blur effect. Dragon Quest Heroes I & II? Had a bunch of content locked away in patches.

I was contemplating whether I wanted to pay 40 dollars for a physical copy of Cave Story on Switch (a game that is, y'know... free on PC), then the publisher goes and announces they'll patch in a "classic" graphics mode... At least the base game is complete, but if I can't pop it in 20 years down the line and have all the patched features without hacking my Switch and downloading them off Emuparadise, what's the point?

Anyway, I've been on an FF stint as of late, so I think I'll be grabbing myself a brand new copy of FF4 DS for 25 bucks. Because apparently I can.

Japanese-style RPG

Eastern role-playing video games are role-playing video games developed in East Asia, including Japan, South Korea, and, to a lesser extent, China.

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Silent Gamer I've been feeling this way for a while now. I bought up a whole load of JRPG's because I thought they would be tough to find, or that they would fetch ridiculous prices from 3rd party sellers. But nope, thanks to PSN and Steam, most of them are available freely. Some are being remade, and the few that aren't can be found online at reasonable prices. In the end, I never paid much for any of my games anyway, and the ones I did oreorder, I've played most of them immediately, so it's all good.

4 months ago

Demi AxersiaNintendo Switch

4 months ago

So apparently I missed how the Switch's TV-out tech has already been cracked. Nyko's coming out with its own mini dock this October, but you can already buy a Chromecast-looking solution from China right now:


It's pricey, though. Like 50 bucks including shipping. But if I was in the market for a second dock, I'd certainly pick one of those over a needlessly bloated official Nintendo dock.

However, since I don't need an additional dock other than for portability, I just ordered this mini dock shell for 10 bucks so I can transplant the hardware from the original:


Now, if you wanna keep the original hardware intact but find the docking procedure inconvenient, you can also buy a special USB-C extension cable with a large block on the end to keep it sitting snug inside the official dock:


That'll cost ya 7 bucks. And if you still want a stand to display your Switch, any kind of tablet/phone stand with space for the USB-C port will do just fine, but there's also passive docks that can serve as either charging docks, or as TV-out docks when connected to the original dock using a USB-C extension cable. Like this one right here for 8 bucks:


So lot's of different options, all of them better than Nintendo's official dock. I mean, look at how small they've managed to make it (and that's including USB ports which I don't even need). Clearly it was designed this way to establish the Switch's identity as a console you can take on the go, rather than a handheld with a TV-out port, which is what it actually is.

NEW Docking Station for Switch USB C Multipoint A...

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