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1 year ago

Ocarina of Time: Yes, still the best game ever.
Mass Effect 2: I find boring and drop it after 10 hour.
The Last of Us: A perfect story e perfect gameplay.
Skyrim: Make me become a fan of the Elder Scrolls saga.
FFVII: The best JRPG ever
MGS3: better than any movie.
Shadow of the Colossus: poetry and epicity, make me cry at the end.
MGS1: It was revolutionary and perfect writen.
Portal 2: Didn't like, find boring the first one was better.
Red Dead Redemption: It's ok but nothing more.
Chrono Trigger: One of the best battle system ever.
Bioshock: Absolute masterpiece.
Fallout 3: The most shocking game of the generation. Masterpiece.
Persona 4: din't played.
Super Mario World: Not one of my favorite but respect to SMW.
Half-Life 2:
Uncharted 2: Good graphic but nothing more. Not a fan of Uncharted.
Mass Effect: Not a fan, best in the series.
Resident Evil 4: On gamecube it was amazing.
Super Mario 64: The best platform ever.
Dark Souls: Good it very intersting the gameplay is not perfect.
Zelda Wind Waker: One of the best Zelda ever.
Zelda Majora's Mask: Still amaze me the world of Termina. Genial.
Bioshock Infinite: The best FPS series ever.
Zelda A Link to the Past: Old style at its best.
Final Fantasy VI: Find it boring after 8 hour. Can't jude it.
Portal: A refreshing game.
Smash Melee: I hate it.
FFX: The last good FF. Worse than PSX generation.
Star Wars KotOR: Tried.
Pokemon Gold and Silver: Junk.
The Walking Dead: Only good.
GTA San Andreas: Trash game whit al lot to do.
Pokemon Red and Blue: Burn it.
Super Mario Bros. 3: Not my favorite.
Super Mario Galaxy: Best mario concept after SM64.
Super Metroid: Only for hardcore gaming.
FFIX: Adorable story you can't stop play it-
Dragon Age: Origins: Not my tipe og game.
Mass Effect 3: Never Played
Fallout New Vegas: Tried to like it but i prefer replaying Fallout 3.
GTA V: San Andreas HD
Batman Arkham City: I hate Batman but the game was cool.
Zelda: Twilight Princess: kinda want to try it
Oblivion: I still have to play it.
Persona 3: Never played
MGS4: Most drammatic game ever. The Metal Gear Solid Saga ends here.
Minecraft: The concept is really good but i hate all youtuber minecraft player.
Assasin's Creed II: It was good not a masterpiece.
Metriod Prime: Hardcore gaming. It's amazing and i'm not a fan of it.

Alexander the Great My taste in games seems to be contrary compared to yours...

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