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Young MountainMusic Album


Young Mountain is the first EP by the American band This Will Destroy You. It was originally self-recorded and self-released in 2005, and was intended to be a demo to be sold after local shows. Although it was then only available as a CD-R, the EP began to receive press mentions. The band soon attracted the attention of Magic Bullet Records, who repackaged the record and released it in CD format in June 2006. This was followed by a cassette release in December of the same year and a vinyl relea... View more [Wikipedia]

Young Mountain

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    nodley Green wrote his opinion about Young Mountain

    1 week ago

    I wanted to like this, but it's just not for me. I quite like some of the music, but I much prefer more aggressive stuff.

    Score: 5.0 (Average!)

    Master Crash Also, do check Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven if you want to hear the best Post-Rock ever done

    1 week ago

    Jonathan Oyama (Looks up post-rock on Wikipedia) Okay, I just assumed that post-rock was just another form of prog rock. I usually get lazy and say, "Eh, just call it rock." I mean, it is just another way of saying "rock music." Lol.

    1 week ago

    Master Crash Post-Rock is what you get when you throw ambient and rock together. If you want I'll throw you a personal "Essential Guide", its one of my favorite genres

    1 week ago

    Jonathan Oyama wrote his opinion about Young Mountain

    1 week ago

    There aren't too many instrumental hard rock bands, so Young Mountain came as a surprise to all the music critics. Although it didn't received unanimous praise, This Will Destroy You stirred a lot of buzz around the music publications. Pretty soon, the last song from Young Mountain EP, "There are Some Remedies Worse Than Disease," appeared in the trailer for the Taking of Pelham 123. They soon gained a rep as the essential hard rock instrumental band for every occasion.

    Score: 9.0 (Fantastic!)

    Jonathan Oyama Everyone has the same reaction after the album is over. I dunno, something about the last track makes people want to smash cars or something...

    1 week ago

    nodley Green It's playing now....

    1 week ago

    Master Crash Its an EP, not a full album. Thats why its shorter, btw

    1 week ago


    • Release Date:June 6, 2006
    • Genre:Post-Rock

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