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Vagrant StoryVideo Game (J-Style RPG, W-Style RPG)

Relive an adventurous tale rich with agents, espionage, and conspiracies. Challenge deadly monsters and villains with your steel and magic. Clear your name by uncovering a sinister plot -- or perish in the attempt.

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Jonathan Oyama wrote his opinion about Vagrant Story

2 years ago

I love this game, but man, it sure is hard to figure out. The game has a timed-button combat system, combined with platform jumping and some free-roaming exploration in the style of Metroid. Once I got the hang of everything, it became one of my favorite RPGs. Vagrant Story is one of the granddaddies of modern RPGs, but the average gamer might need a strategy guide to understand how it works.

Score: 9.5 (Fantastic!)

Giga Pudding wrote his opinion about Vagrant Story

6 years ago

One of the most complex games out there, but that fact works against it at times. The game sports the most complex and advanced combat system the genre has seen. But to get the hang of it, you'll need to either use a guide, or two, or try to figure it out all by yourself and see the game spit in your face for hours to come. Saying that, once you get the hang of the combat and the crafting system you'll fly through the game. The story, not to be outdone by the gameplay, is equally complex.
Pros: Superb story(telling), strategic and thrilling combat, the sense of satisfaction, art and sound design, the sheer complexity
Cons: The sheer complexity, repetitive dungeon design, at times frustrating/convoluted, poor tutorial

Score: 9.0 (Fantastic!)

Big Boss A. wrote his opinion about Vagrant Story

6 years ago

One of those games I want to like but can't. Battle system is alright but the equipment system is real tedious and I wish it was more than a dungeon crawler. The difficulty can be pretty unforgiving too. That said the art style is really cool and the story is interesting enough to keep plugging away at it.

Score: 6.5 (Not bad!)


Game Info

  • Released:Yes
  • First Release Date:2000
  • Genre(s):J-Style RPG
    W-Style RPG
  • Theme(s):Gameplay > RPG > Action
  • Developed by:Squaresoft
  • Published by:Squaresoft
  • System(s):PlayStation


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