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The Sinking CityVideo Game (Adventure)


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The Sinking City is a game of investigation and mystery taking place in a fictional open world inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. [Wikipedia]

Husky WingThe Sinking City

2 months ago

The Sinking City | Detective Gameplay Trailer - Yo...

So, you think being a sleuth within a decaying city of Oakmont, full of criminals, cultists, Innsmouthers, witches, and Cthulhu knows what is easy? Well, it'...

Husky WingThe Sinking City

9 months ago

still needs work but it looks better than the E3 footage

The Sinking City - Gamescom 2018 Commented Gamepla... The Sinking City -------------------------- Platforms: PlayStation 4, X...

Husky WingThe Sinking City

11 months ago

THE SINKING CITY Gameplay Demo (E3 2018) Cthulhu H...

THE SINKING CITY Gameplay Demo (E3 2018) Cthulhu H.P Lovecraft Open World Game Follow me on Twitter - SUBSCRIBE -

Husky Wing the devs were pretty open ahead of time about how early in alpha this was, and it does show.

11 months ago

Husky Wing eh not sure how I feel bout this babes

11 months ago


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