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The Elder Scrolls VIVideo Game (W-Style RPG)

The Elder Scrolls VI is the sixth installment of the game series The Elder Scrolls.

Husky WingThe Elder Scrolls VI

2 years ago

TES6 is not currently in development

Pete Hines sur Twitter : "@PCGamesN thx. fyi, the...

“@PCGamesN thx. fyi, the elder scrolls vi isn't in development. we simply said we would make it eventually. don't want people to be misled”

Steve FoxxThe Elder Scrolls VI

3 years ago

I love TES games secially Skyrim. I cannot wait for the next entry in the series, but i think gunna have to wait for it a long ass time.

Peter Niksa wrote his opinion about The Elder Scrolls VI

3 years ago

Bethesda has a great track record for open world games and TES is my favorite Bethesda game series.

El_chapucero dde wrote her opinion about The Elder Scrolls VI

3 years ago

Cause the witcher 3 is good, very good, but it's not a TES.

Husky WingThe Elder Scrolls VI

3 years ago

Argonia? Dream on.
Silly rumors

Richard Pale I'm not sure where the series'll go next, if it was up to me I'd take the series across the sea to Akavir (basically Elder Scrolls Japan complete with samurai, dragons and serpent men that wiped out the local human population) and then you could have the races from Tamriel trying to invade to tie it back in.

3 years ago

nodley Green I'd set it in a wasteland and give them guns.

3 years ago

Djinn Fighter The Elder Scrolls..... IN SPAAAAAAACE

3 years ago

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