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Super Mario WorldVideo Game (2D Platformer)

Mario's off on his biggest adventure ever, and this time he's brought along a friend. Yoshi the dinosaur teams up with Mario to battle Bowser, who has kidnapped Princess Toadstool once again. Guide Mario and Yoshi through nine peril-filled worlds to the final showdown in Bowser's castle. Use Mario's new powers and Yoshi's voracious monster-gobbling appetite as you explore 96 levels filled with dangerous new monsters and traps. Climb mountains and cross rivers, and descend into subterranean dept... View more

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Jérémie Laliberté

2 months ago

I haven't yet seen all of this game's many secrets! Yet i spent soooo many hours playing this

John Cassey

2 months ago

As soon as someone mentions the SNES, Super Mario World comes to my mind. For me it was the best game on that console and still to this day is the best Mario game of all time, and I highly doubt it will be surpassed. The music, the characters, the levels, the secrets are just a few things to mention about this incredible game. The hours of fun I had playing it is something that will always be with me and is one of the best times of my life. I'd start playing it from the morning and night would come and I wouldn't realise it. Is definitely in my favourite games of all time.


Alyxx Thorne wrote her opinion about Super Mario World

3 months ago

Super Mario World was a game that I played almost ridicilously much growing up. Simply because it was easy to play but hard to master, and a ton of fun. Coming home from school, I would often do my homework and then just spend the rest of the afternoon playing Super Mario World. And growing up the game remained one of my most played console games and to this day it's probably my favourite Mario game and the only one I ever really got into. Other Mario games I've always had a bit of a problem getting into since I am primarily a PC gamer and only have a pretty marginal interest in console games, but World definitely is the Mario game that I love the most. I would say it's pretty much the perfect Mario game to me and I think a lot of Mario fans can agree.


James Haley wrote his opinion about Super Mario World

4 months ago

Super Mario World was my first SNES game and like Super Metroid, is a game that I can clearly remember seeing for the first time, in a store display, and being immediately impressed. Have played through it pretty much til I'm sick of it and never want to play it again, so that's an automatic pass into my top 25 It took Mario to the next level, which after Mario 3, seemed like an impossible feat.


Jonathan Oyama wrote his opinion about Super Mario World

4 months ago

Super Mario World added a ton of great ideas to the Mario franchise. Now Mario has a green dinosaur and a cape in his arsenal of power-ups. The variety of baddies is also astounding. Super Mario World is just as beautiful and challenging as if was back in the 90s.

Daniel Kayser shared a link about Super Mario World

6 months ago

This is one of my favorite games EVER and I certainly do remember being entranced by its title screen!

Pop Facts Video - Super Mario World: Title Screen...

Was Super Mario World's title screen a glimpse into one of the game's biggest secrets? - Rank it!

Brent Adams wrote his opinion about Super Mario World

7 months ago

For my money, the definitive 2D Mario experience. The game just seemed to have no limit to its imagination. Epic game design, supremely creative mechanics, and hours upon hours of fun. Just stunning.


nodley wrote his opinion about Super Mario World

9 months ago

I just don't like this as much as SMB3. It looks a lot prettier, and I guess it adds a lot to the game too. There's just something about it that doesn't click with me. Still a fantastic game though!


Aiden Bains wrote his opinion about Super Mario World

1 year ago

While SMB3 added quite a bit to the controls, SMW perfects them. Super Mario World also introduces Yoshi, who, although not always simple to find, can make traversing environments and defeating enemies much simpler. There's a great range of level types (and lots of content for each), and the game always manages to introduce new mechanics to keep the levels engaging. Exploration is really encouraged, with hidden levels like the Switch Palaces making changes to other levels (whether that be helpful platforms or access to secrets) - returning to levels with the Cape Powerup or Yoshi rarely seems like a waste of time. With a great range of colours and creative aesthetics, finally, this is a Mario game which I really love.


Waluigi Fan wrote his opinion about Super Mario World

1 year ago

Just like my friend Dario said, Super Mario World is definitely the perfect definition of a 2D platform game. The game introduces Yoshi who helps Mario on his way. There is a big, connected world map and many levels, including a high amount of secret ones. There are also new items to discover as well as new enemies. The backgrounds and sprites look extremely detailed and the music is as catchy as ever. The difficulty is quite okay, though I find it a bit too easy nowadays. A two-player mode is also on this game's cartridge. On the "Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World"-cartridge, Luigi is not just a recolor of Mario and has his own design. The level design is outstanding.


Dario Turco wrote his opinion about Super Mario World

1 year ago

This is how Platformers should look like. Definitely the best Game ever, Super Mario World has everything that an Platformer should offer. Tons of Levels, Great Graphics, Tons of Secret, Yoshi f-in Everthing is Fantastic! This is a Game you should play NOW!

Samuel Langlois wrote his opinion about Super Mario World

1 year ago

This Mario is my childhood!


Max Marriner wrote his opinion about Super Mario World

2 years ago

Super Mario World is, just like the famous commercial boasts, a bit more of what you want out of a video game. With some of the most unique and distinctive music on the Super Nintendo using elements of classic rock and jazz. The gameplay is pretty much perfect, which is something to expect from this master-class series. The 32,000 colors available on the SNES's hardware were probably all used at least once during the adventure, a stark contrast to a lot of the most popular games available today. My favorite part of the game though is the insane amount of secrets available in each world. My first memories with Mario include convincing my friends to get me to the Secret Area in Donut Plains. Super Mario World is nothing short of a classic.


Jardeson Barbosa wrote his opinion about Super Mario World

2 years ago

Everything in this game is fantastic. More than 90 levels of pure fun. The inclusion of Yoshi is something that we have to agree as the best introduction to the Mario series ever made! I just couldn't find anything wrong with this title.


Alianger wrote his opinion about Super Mario World

2 years ago

Looking back, this is a pretty safe sequel to SMB3 and it shares many elements with its predecessor such as the cape (aka racoon suit), hub world, a huge number of short stages and the koopa kid bosses. One of the few new additions is Yoshi, but while I love him he doesn't alter the gameplay in any significant way. More importantly, there are quite a few filler stages and a consistent lack of challenge unless you get into the explorative part of it, but you probably will do so as it is done rather well. SMW does a great job at what it sets out to do, but it's lacking some of the creativity and quirkyness of the NES games that made them timeless to me.

Michael Taylor wrote his opinion about Super Mario World

3 years ago

Best in the Mario series? Probably. It takes the classic, easy to learn Super Mario gameplay and introduces a huge world map with branching pathways, hidden levels and all sorts of bonus goodies packed into almost every stage. Who didn't feel like they accomplished something incredible when they discovered the SPECIAL world as a kid?

Ninersfan4926 wrote his opinion about Super Mario World

3 years ago

Great game. I would not recommend it to a new gamer as one of the all-time great games, but that's because I care about story a lot. Just not much there, but great platforming.


Big Boss wrote his opinion about Super Mario World

3 years ago

More of a refinement than leap from SMB3, I'm not as attached to this one but you can't deny that this could be the pinnacle of Mario's platforming career.


PedroJensen wrote his opinion about Super Mario World

3 years ago

Super Mario World is crystalline 2D platforming perfection, developed by the best of the genre and of the time. While cramping everything good from the previous installments into this game, new gameplay elements were added as well, thus improving the series yet another time.

As many other Mario games, it offers natural accessibility and at the same time it proved to be a succesful hit among speedrunners and other hardcore players, due to many, many hidden secrets. The game brings an intense amount of fun to the table and provides great replay value - which unquestionably is the reason why the well-composed music is nested so deeply into our collective cerebral core.

Oh, and did I mention the large bulk of levels?

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