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Super Mario Bros.Video Game (2D Platformer)

Super Mario Bros. (Japanese: スーパーマリオブラザーズ, Hepburn: Sūpā Mario Burazāzu?) is a 1985 platform video game internally developed by Nintendo R&D4 and published by Nintendo as a pseudo-sequel to the 1983 game Mario Bros. It was originally released in Japan for the Family Computer on September 13, 1985, and later that year for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America, Europe on May 15, 1987 and Australia in 1987. It is the first of the Super Mario series of games. In Super Mario Bros., the... View more [Wikipedia]

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Dr EggnogSuper Mario Bros.

1 year ago

Funny, I don't really like Super Mario World because of how hard it is but Super Mario Bros is even harder and it's in my top 50. I think it's cause of the way it sends you back to the beginning when you lose all your lives. Makes me feel like I'm not supposed to beat it, like it's not really a linear game but more like Bejeweled 2. I get to see how much better I've gotten at the earlier levels which makes it feel worth it. I remember when world 3 seemed impossible but eventually I got as far as 6-2.

Husky WingSuper Mario Bros.

2 years ago

Thirtysomethings Remember The First Time They Ever...

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Bryan Leontes wrote his opinion about Super Mario Bros.

2 years ago

What a masterpiece. Bundled with every system. Wow...just wow. This put Nintendo on the map, and it's still fun to play. I liked creating levels from this game in Mario Maker more than the other games in the series.

Score: 10.0 (Classic!)

Alexander the Great wrote his opinion about Super Mario Bros.

2 years ago

My memories of SMB are completly filled with nostalgia, as it was my first game on my NES i played and later first game walkthrough too. Spend the whole xmas in 1991 playing it...

Score: 8.5 (Great!)

Alexander the Great Had a three games "card" with Tetris and Nintendo World Cup.

2 years ago

Silent Gamer Nice one. If I was stuck playing only one game for eternity, Tetris would be it

2 years ago

Alexander the Great Have the NES version of Tetris on my harddisk for nostalgic moments.

2 years ago

Captain ObviousSuper Mario Bros.

2 years ago

I wish I could rate a soundtrack separate from the actual game because while this game is a solid 6-7 I would totally rate the soundtrack at a soft 8. It is infectious in the best way. If I were to ask gamers to hum some video game music they would probably sing of the Overworld theme. While other 8-bit games might have fantastic soundtracks they don't give off the vibes I get from this soundtrack.

Aramonde HasashiSuper Mario Bros.

3 years ago

johntdrake sur Twitter : "Wait, WHAT?! In Super Ma...

“Wait, WHAT?! In Super Mario Brothers on NES, you can pick up where you died by hitting a+start on the main screen!?!”

Aramonde Hasashi That's what i want to know. If this is real holy shit HOW COME IM JUST HEARING THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 years ago

Dr Eggnog Everyone should know this. Why isn't it taught in Kindergarden? Why isn't it in the Bible?

3 years ago

Retro Wolf The fact that the konami code was more widely known than this is hilarious.

3 years ago

Gries HeSuper Mario Bros.

3 years ago

"One day the kingdom of the peaceful mushroom people was invaded by the Koopa. The quiet, peace-loving Mushroom People were turned into mere stones, bricks and even field horse-plants, and the Mushroom Kingdom fell into ruin." - Super Mario Bros manual

So whenever Mario eats a mushroom, he's actually killing one of his friends.

Mario is a cannibalist.

# Soylent Green


Gries He Centipede (1981) and Pac-Man are even more blood-thirsty, brutal games. Sickening. Video games should be banned! All of them. They're the cause of everything that's worng in this country.

3 years ago

rockshard PhD Mario is a human not a mushroom. Therefore eating a mushroom doesn't make him a cannibal.

3 years ago

Gries He Sure, if that helps you sleep at night.

3 years ago

Jonathan OyamaSuper Mario Bros.

3 years ago

Super Mario Bros. is a hardcore platforming classic. It redefined the entire video game industry after the market crashed. It still is one of the toughest games of all time. The first game also had an unforgettable vibe that no other game had. The music was catchy. The graphics were bright and colorful. The controls were extremely responsive.

The game seemed to last forever, or at least until the end of level 8-4. Getting there is the hard part--only a true champion can get there without save states or handicaps. This is still my favorite Mario game of all time.

Eric Tracey wrote his opinion about Super Mario Bros.

3 years ago

If I need to explain Super Mario Bros, you are probably too young to be on the internet.

Score: 10.0 (Classic!)

GameTrailersSuper Mario Bros.

4 years ago

POP FACTS: The Internet delivers a truly shocking Mario secret that was staring you right in the face.

Pop Facts Video - Mario Cloud Bushes | GameTrailer...

The Internet delivers a truly shocking Mario secret that was staring you right in the face.


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