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Star Wars Episode I: RacerVideo Game (Racing)

Join Jedi-to-be Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars race of your life! Relive all the thrills and excitement of the Podracer sequence from Star Wars: Episode I. Hang on tight - with afterburners on, Podracers max out at a simulated 600 mph! Race in furious competition against more than 21 opponents! Take on over 21 tracks in 8 unique worlds. Avoid hazards such as methane lakes, meteor showers and Tusken Raiders! Featuring spectacular 3D environments!

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Gries HeStar Wars Episode I: Racer

1 year ago

This game still holds up 17 years after it got released

free fall 17 years?! Good lord, how time flies.

1 year ago

free fall But yeah, that game is one of the best things to come out of the prequels.

1 year ago

Gries HeStar Wars Episode I: Racer

2 years ago

I swear I played this on PS1 back in the day, weird. And its graphics definitely looked more life-like than project cars or Forza Motorsport 6.

It's funny how the brain messes with you sometimes.

Kevin Soehren wrote his opinion about Star Wars Episode I: Racer

3 years ago

Though largely overlooked after its release, Episode 1: Racer turned one of the prequel's less appreciated elements into an intense high-speed racer. LucasArts realized that these were just cockpits strapped to jet engines and made a game fast and tricky enough to go with the concept. The main campaign involved racing on the game's 25 tracks in Tournaments, winning prize money to upgrade one's vehicle of choice, out of the 20+ options eventually available. Tournament reward distribution based on placing included a few options, creating a risk/reward system for upgrading a Pod's various stats and Pit Droids for maintenance. You also get the typical time attack, free play, and multiplayer options. The N64 version's main flaw was the lack of support for more than two players, but considering the speed of the races and limited resolution to work with, this was possibly for the best.

Score: 8.0 (Great!)

James Prumos wrote his opinion about Star Wars Episode I: Racer

5 years ago

This was my first video game that I played extensively, and it's great! The racing locales are diverse, and one can get a real sense of speed while playing. The few problems with this game are that the controls can be a little weird at times and even though it can be a challenge, it can also be beaten fairly quickly. Still, the time trials add plenty of replay value for racing fans.

Score: 8.0 (Great!)

In likeflynn wrote his opinion about Star Wars Episode I: Racer

6 years ago

The Phantom Manace may be consider the worst Star Wars movie by many fans (myself included...), but the game adaptation based on the pod race event of the film sure made a positive impact for some; its an excellent racer, with challenging tracks, friendly controls and good replay value that not many race games have, multiplayer is also pretty cool, I really recommend this game if you have the chance come across it.

Score: 8.5 (Great!)

Dustin Cooper wrote his opinion about Star Wars Episode I: Racer

7 years ago

One of the few good things to come out of this movie.


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