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Squadron 42Video Game

Squadron 42 is a story-based single-player campaign set in the Star Citizen fictional universe described by the developers as a "spiritual successor to Wing Commander". It is being developed by the Foundry 42 UK studio under the supervision of Chris Roberts' brother Erin, who had already worked with him on the Wing Commander series and led the production and development of titles like Privateer 2: The Darkening and Starlancer. The interactive storyline centers on an elite military unit and inv... View more [Wikipedia]

Solomons IslandSquadron 42

3 years ago

I´m more excited about SQ42 than SC actually, this is my #1 !

Tomi Valkonen Same here. Really hope I can run it.

3 years ago

Alberto Martinez wrote his opinion about Squadron 42

3 years ago

Single player Wing Commander all star cast whats not to love?

zecumbe abuSquadron 42

3 years ago

This game can already be pre-ordered, someone add it to the Link:

John MarkSquadron 42

3 years ago

Who ever added this page didn't link the correct Twitter account for Squadron 42. I added the website and actual Twitter page.

Here's the Squadron 42 Opening Cinematic:

Squadron 42: Bishop Senate Speech

Opening cinematic for Squadron 42. As seen during CitizenCon 2015. ------------------------------------------ Roberts Space Industries is a spacecraft manufa... - Play Video

John Mark And yes that is Gary Oldman as Admiral Ernst Bishop!

3 years ago

godstyr Jump in Star Citizen Today and get 5,000 UEC credits. Use code STAR-D92Y-HMFR the code gives you $5.00 free so you end up paying $35 for a starter ship. you Guys in the Verse!

3 years ago

Pape BadianeSquadron 42

3 years ago

O.M.G. Is that the Tiger Claw??
*Hype meter broken*

Star Citizen Extended Trailer - Squadron 42

See the announcement trailer @ See more footage from Squadron 42, the campaign component of the upcoming space combat game S... - Play Video

Pape Badiane Thanks for this *goes to google stuff*

3 years ago

John Mark Please link the original video from the creators official Youtube page, not IGN.

3 years ago

Pape Badiane Done

3 years ago


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