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Spider-Man (PS4)Video Game

During the E3 2016 Sony Press Coference, it was announced that Insomniac Games were working on an exclusive title for the PS4 based on the Spider-Man license.

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Richard Pale wrote his opinion about Spider-Man (PS4)

1 month ago

Long story short, Insomniac have done for Spider-Man what the Arkham games did for Batman.

The story distills 60 years of comics and created something way better than any of the films managed. They nailed the webslinging and made the world worth exploring. The combat/stealth borrows from other games but mixes in the webs/wallcrawling/agility to make it feel unique.

It's not perfect, there aren't any cameos from other Marvel heroes, the soundtrack's good but it's way too repetitive for a 20 hour game and the side missions can give you deja vu too. All the same it's definitely my favourite game this year.

Score: 9.0 (Fantastic!)

Mr. ZAP How does it stack up to the other great Spider-Man games? Spider-Man (2000) and Spider-Man 2 are both still pretty great.

1 month ago

Richard Pale Those games were fun for their time. The PS1 games has great alternate costume easter eggs and Spider-Man 2 which gave us open world web swinging. This blows them out of the water though.

4 weeks ago

Husky WingSpider-Man (PS4)

1 year ago

too many QTEs

Husky Wing don't wanna be a downer, but that whole video looked so utterly boring

1 year ago

free fall The only Spider-Man costume allowed to have white on it is the symbiote IMO.

1 year ago

Woodrow Shigeru An Arkham clone is not the right take on a Spoder-Man game, imo. Historically, stealth isn't really his thing.

1 year ago

Dr EggnogSpider-Man (PS4)

1 year ago

Insomniac made my favorite ps2 platformer, Ratchet and Clank. Spider-Man 2 is my 2nd favorite ps2 platformer. Insomniac is now making a Spider-Man game. Persona 5 is no longer the only game I'm hyped for.

Matthew Saccol wrote his opinion about Spider-Man (PS4)

2 years ago

The old spider-man games were great but over time have seem to lose touch and Insomniac generally speaking makes fantastic games. The marriage of both of these thins has me very curious and excited for what it will hold.


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