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Space Invaders Infinity GeneVideo Game (Shoot 'em Up)


The game starts off looking like the classic Space Invaders, but as you play through the game, it evolves. Unlock new stages, new power ups, and new features. In addition to Normal Mode, Challenge Mode pits you against 99 randomly-created stages. And Music Mode generates custom stages based on music stored on your console. The Invaders are back, and they're watching you. The more you play, the more the game evolves!

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Big Boss A. wrote his opinion about Space Invaders Infinity Gene

6 years ago

I love the art direction of this game, so retro-inspired but so cool at the same time. The game is pretty easy as far as shooters go and the campaign is also fairly short but it has some good boss battles.

Dustin Cooper wrote his opinion about Space Invaders Infinity Gene

7 years ago

This game came out of nowhere and surprised the crap out of me with its quality. It's honestly one of the best shoot'em ups I've ever played. The gameplay is tight, the levels and especially the bosses are extremely creative, the art direction is amazing, and the music is great. The game's only $10 on PSN, and there's a free demo that gives you a damn good idea of what you're in for, so if you have a system that can play it, you have no excuse not to at least try it.


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