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Silent HillVideo Game (Action Adventure)

A young man searching for his daughter - struggling to exist in a place between reality and hell - a town hiding gruesome, dark secrets. Follow a trail of blood and mutilation to snatch a loved one from the clutches of a demonic power. Enter an alternative dimension where death is no escape. Welcome to the madness that is Silent Hill...

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Bob GutSmasha

3 weeks ago

Time to go back to this creepy ass game, with creepy ass snow, and creepy ass fog.

nodley I played it again not so long ago, if shitty visuals and PS1 controls don't bother you it's still a great game. Not quite SH2 level but well worth another playthrough.

3 weeks ago

Master Crash GOOD! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! I really need to replay all them SHs again

3 weeks ago

Aiden Bains One of the few games that manages to be consistently enthralling even with obnoxious controls.

3 weeks ago

Bob GutSmasha The tank controls I'm pretty used to from all the Res Evils. There's no quick turn though!

3 weeks ago

Doctor Eggnog You can press L1 and R1 together to do a quick turn around. I'm way better with tank controls than with FPS controls.

2 weeks ago

Bob GutSmasha Yeah I discovered it by accident last night. I've mapped it to the down movement on the right analog stick, same with the side stepping. It's aged far less than Resident Evil 2 and 3, it's still really unnerving whereas the old Res games are silly (but fun).

2 weeks ago


Erektionsite wrote his opinion about Silent Hill

5 months ago

15 years after it's release Silent Hill still manages to be absolutely terrifying thanks to its perfect atmosphere, bone-chilling soundtrack and heart stopping sound effects.

I give this game a solid 3spooky5me/10

Firion Hope but 3+5 is only 8

5 months ago

Erektionsite You're right! Maybe I should give it a 3.5spooky5.5me/10

5 months ago


Doctor Eggnog wrote his opinion about Silent Hill

11 months ago

Silent Hill is a strange, immersive, complex, and scary horror game, and I tend to compare anything horror related to it. I like the survival horror gameplay, complete with exploring buildings for keys and solving puzzles using tank controls, which I think all holds up fine. The graphics manage to be dark and colorful at the same time, and the FMV still looks really good. The music often adds to the fear a lot but can be beautiful when appropriate. The story leaves a lot to your imagination, at least until Silent Hill 3 explains it, but the scenes are well done, have a wonderful realism mixed with strangeness, and includes one very emotional twist. The whole Otherworld concept is brilliant in terms of being scary, weird, and great for level design. And it's cool just being able to explore the town, plus the maps are great.


nodley wrote his opinion about Silent Hill

1 year ago

Silent Hill holds up very well even after all these years, the visuals and camera aren't the best but the gameplay and story are sound.


Michael Z wrote his opinion about Silent Hill

2 years ago

It's basically as if someone had taken all my favourite horror films and -novels and made a game out of them. Absolutely brilliant from beginning to end, one of the most atmospheric games ever made AND the title that introduced Akira Yamaoka to the world (a video game soundtrack that's influenced by Chu Ishikawa or Einstürzende Neubauten? Bring it on!). Was amazingly enough eclipsed by the Freudian, surrealistic work of art that is Silent Hill 2.

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