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Shenmue IIVideo Game (Action Adventure)

Seeking answers and vengeance, Ryo Hazuki arrives in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong. Encountering new friends and foes alike, Ryo realizes he has much to learn and must master new martial art skills to prepare himself for his ultimate showdown with Lan Di, the man who killed his father. Each day brings Ryo closer to his goal of avenging his father's death and unlocking the mysteries of the Phoenix Mirror.

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Bryan Leontes wrote his opinion about Shenmue II

2 years ago

A great follow up, yet I missed the "home town" feel of the first one a bit. Kowloon was amazing, as was the never ending walk with Shangua. Bring on Shenmue 3!

Score: 9.5 (Fantastic!)


Game Info

  • Released:Yes
  • First Release Date:2001
  • Genre(s):Action Adventure
  • Theme(s):Gameplay > Open World/Sandbox
  • Developed by:Sega AM2
  • Published by:Sega
  • System(s):Dreamcast



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