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ShantaeVideo Game (2D Platformer, Action Adventure)

The small fishing village of Scuttle Town is a quiet and peaceful place, thanks mainly to its protector, the self-appointed Shantae the genie. When lady-pirate Risky Boots receives information that a treasure chest is found at the village, she quickly makes her way there for an invasion to take the cash. As Shantae, you must use the genies magical abilities, her hair whipping attacks and dance moves to stop the pirate and her gang from taking the treasure and leaving the town in ruins.

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DJ JJ Slider wrote his opinion about Shantae

7 months ago

The sprites look a little too big for the screen, but Shantae was a overwhelmingly massive adventure jammed in a 32-megabit Game Boy cartridge. Considering that the WayForward developers were working with a low-memory system, this Metroidvania game is incredible. The overworld has loads of secret passages and there's even a day/night cycle system. Sure, it sold poorly, but that only gave Shantae more clout as a cult classic that deserved more.

Score: 9.0 (Fantastic!)

nodley Green wrote his opinion about Shantae

5 years ago

Pretty neat for a GBC game.

Score: 7.5 (Good!)


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