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Sega Corporation (株式会社セガ, Kabushiki gaisha Sega?), pronounced /ˈseɪɡə/ (US/Canada/UK/New Zealand/Australia) and usually styled as SEGA, is a Japanese multinational video game developer, publisher and hardware development company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with various offices around the world. Sega previously developed and manufactured its own brand of home video game consoles from 1983 to 2001, but a restructure was announced on January 31, 2001 that ceased continued production of its exis... View more [Wikipedia]

Stealth RUSHSega

2 years ago

Sega Hard Girls (セガ・ハード・ガールズ) re-imagines video game consoles released by Sega as anthropomorphized goddesses who appear all over modern Japan. (

free fall The Dreamcast one reminds me of Ulala with that orange skirt and those pink ponytails.

2 years ago

Firion HopeSega

2 years ago

Sega's Hardware Girls Are Getting Their Own Anime...

Genesis, the name for the Mega Drive in America, has her own console mascot and she is, of course, a cowgirl that looks like Gemini Sunrise from Sakura Wars.

rockshard PhD link takes me to mobile site.. my browser freezes immediately. What a coincidence.

2 years ago

Gries HeSega

2 years ago

Today I learned that Sega is "one of the most popular form of music and dance of Mauritius. The traditional instrumentation includes the ravann, a goat-skin covered drum, the triangle, and the maravann."

Aramonde HasashiSega

3 years ago

Sega has a new CEO and a new console

It's been a long wait but it looks like it was worth it!

Keith Apicary Presents: Sega's Big Announcement -...

Polaris: Keith Apicary is here to unveil Sega's latest console! Only on PolarisGo! Click to Tweet Sega's Console Announcement! Starring:

Stephanie Taylor That. Was. AWESOME

3 years ago

Aramonde Hasashi Yes Keith is awesome

3 years ago

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  • Founded in:1940
  • Country:Japan
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