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Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio (ソニー・インタラクティブ・エンタテインメント・ジャパン・スタジオ) (SIEJ) is the Japanese video game production and development arm of the parent company Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), most well known for the Ape Escape, LocoRoco and Patapon series. [Wikipedia]

Gries HeSIE Japan Studio

1 year ago

SCE Japan Studio’s output of games that I enjoyed tremendously, sorted by year of release:

2001 - Ico
2005 - Shadow of the Colossus
2006 - LocoRoco 1
2008 - Siren 3 Blood Curse
2008 - LocoRoco 2
2012 - Gravity Rush
2013 - Puppeteer
2013 - Rain

Still looking forward to play Siren 1 & 2, Echochrome 1 & 2, Tokyo Jungle, Soul Sacrifice & Freedom Wars

Patapon & Knack sucked.

Upcoming SCE Japan Studio games I’m looking forward to:
2015 - Tomorrow Children
2015 - Deep Down
2016 - Last Guardian
TBA - Gravity Rush 2

Husky Wing If you play Freedom Wars, join the Toronto Panopticon!

1 year ago

Riley Ivy I liked Patapon, probably because I'm the one guy who likes rhythm games...

1 year ago

free fall Don't forget Ape Escape, their first and best game!

1 year ago

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  • Status:Active
  • Founded in:1993
  • Country:Japan
  • Industry:Game Developer

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