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Run Sackboy! Run!Video Game (2D Platformer)


"Run Sackboy! Run!" is an an endless runner game released for Vita and mobile platforms.

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Jonathan Oyama wrote his opinion about Run Sackboy! Run!

1 month ago

Well...It's the most controllable endless runner game. I would rate this higher on the mobile list, but this started as a PS Vita exclusive. And that means that almost nobody played it unless they bought the Vita with a proprietary memory card. Even when he popped up on iOS and Android, we all knew that Sackboy would never make it into the big leagues. That creepy yarn kid. That ain't Kirby.

Score: 7.0 (Good!)

Jonathan Oyama That ain't Falco, either.

1 month ago

Game Info

  • Released:Yes
  • First Release Date:March 31, 2015
  • Genre(s):2D Platformer
  • Theme(s):Miscellaneous > Free-to-Play
  • System(s):PlayStation Vita


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