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Ronald Ernest "Ron" Paul is an American physician who served as the U.S. Representative for Texas' 14th and 22nd congressional districts. On three occasions, he sought the presidency of the United States: as the Libertarian Party nominee in 1988 and as a candidate in the Republican primaries of 2008 and 2012. Paul is a critic of the federal government's fiscal policies, especially the existence of the Federal Reserve, the tax policy, the military–industrial complex, and the War on Drugs. [Wikipedia]

Ron Paul

    Stealth RUSHRon Paul

    2 years ago

    Ron Paul "What If?" Speech

    Aramonde Hasashi Damn right. Sucks i've only learned about Ron Paul in this last year. He should have been president in 2012.

    1 year ago

    Fans of StupidRon Paul

    3 years ago

    Ron Paul says black lawmakers oppose war because they want to use the money for food stamps:
    *Sigh* Stay classy, Ron

    Ron Paul: Black lawmakers oppose war because they...

    Former GOP congressman derides anti-war allies VIDEO

    rockshard PhD So I guess white lawmakers like war because they want their own citizens to starve

    3 years ago

    Aramonde Hasashi Surprise a far left outlet tries to make someone look racist when they're not. His point was a few groups in congress which included a black caucus was antiwar but wanted food stamps for people here BUT would vote for sanctions that would stave people in other countries.

    1 year ago

    rockshard PhD yes but how does that fit the narrative

    1 year ago



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