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Red FactionVideo Game (First-Person Shooter)

A revolution has begun on Mars, and you are at the forefront. As part of a rebellious organization known as Red Faction, you must battle through 20 levels that feature deep seas, natural caves, Ultor Corporation's bases, and more. Hijack five land, sea, and air vehicles--each equipped with weapons--including an ATV, a submarine, and a high-flying fighter. Help yourself to 15 weapons of mass destruction, such as railguns, rocket launchers, riot sticks, and heavy explosives. Stealth, cooperation,... View more

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DJ JJ SliderRed Faction

2 months ago

I don\'t want to like this game. It\'s got all sorts of control problems. The graphics are outdated. The animation is jerky and it\'s too hard to aim at these hyper guards. But halfway through this game. the story just got ridiculous.

I\'m gonna kill you, Kapek. You forced me to work in a stupid mine without an escape route. Even if my boss told me not to kill you, screw it. You have an ugly robot eye. And dudes who look like the Borg deserve to die. And my face looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Husky Wing I never knew it had a stealth mechanic. From what I played (before quitting DURING BOTH PLAYTHROUGHS due to SICK and HEADACHE and EYE STRAIN and I NEED TO THROW UP) I had fun though. Besides the sick. Tried FOV fix, widescreen fix, 16:9, 4:3, windowed mode, NOTHING

2 months ago

DJ JJ Slider The draw distance is the biggest problem, so I don't know how I got this far. If it's frustratingly bad and some people like it, I play it. Lol.

2 months ago

Husky Wing so far I've played and not finished three Red Factions... 1 made me sick, 2 was boring, Guerrilla got repetitive too quick and the main missions were boring. Can't wait to try Armageddon!

2 months ago

Husky WingRed Faction

7 months ago

No matter how hard I try, I just can't play this game without getting sick. I've tried modding its FPS, playing at a narrower aspect ratio, distancing myself from the screen, but nothing works. This is the only video game to ever make me sick, and it does so with great speed.

DJ JJ Slider 'Course, maybe I ate too much the last time I played. I was feeling terrible. And dizzy.

7 months ago

DJ JJ Slider Note to self: Avoid fast food before playing Red Faction. Half-Life is okay, though.

7 months ago

Husky Wing Half-Life had nothing like this, so I don't think it's anything to do with Red Faction's age, unless Half-Life's only good cuz of some modern patches (what with Valve keeping their games in tip-top shape for compatibility).

7 months ago

DJ JJ Slider wrote his opinion about Red Faction

1 year ago

First-person shooter? More like first-person explosives adventure.

Score: 7.0 (Good!)


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