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Ninja Theory, Ltd. is an independent video game developer based in Cambridge, England. Originally founded as Just Add Monsters in March 2000, the company was purchased by former Argonaut Games CEO Jez San in November 2004. At Gamescom 2014, the company announced a new IP "Hellblade". The game will make its console debut on Playstation 4. The team developed its first game, Kung Fu Chaos, in 2003 exclusively for the Xbox, which was published by Microsoft Game Studios. In May 2005, Ninja Theory we... View more [Wikipedia]

Gries HeNinja Theory

4 years ago

The folks at Ninja Theory have only developed three games in 14 years?!

Aramonde Hasashi They have probably done smaller projects or helped out with other games.

4 years ago

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  • Status:Active
  • Founded in:2000
  • Country:United Kingdom
  • Industry:
    Game Developer

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