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Metal Gear Solid: Peace WalkerVideo Game (Action Adventure, Third-Person Shooter)

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker marks the return of the world-renowned stealth-action series. Hand-crafted by series creator Hideo Kojima, the all-new sequel delivers an original game design, story, and scenario as it picks up where Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater for the PlayStation 2 leaves off.

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Silent GamerMetal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

1 year ago

Peace Walker's story is epic. So much drama and excitement! I kind of feel bad for just watching it. Kind of, but not that much So much awesomeness

rockshard PhD I no rite? Metal Gear is a great series when you don't play the games. xD

1 year ago

Dr Eggnog My favorite thing about MGS is the gameplay in 2.

1 year ago

Silent Gamer ^ Finally someone else appreciates MGS2 :

1 year ago

Jack Lawrie wrote his opinion about Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

3 years ago

You can disable an entire squadron of soldiers using only a banana.

Score: 8.5 (Great!)

Jonathan Oyama wrote his opinion about Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

5 years ago

I was going to say that Peace Walker was an okay version of a Metal Gear Solid game, but then I figured out how to capture a tank captain and his armed guards. So I stole a tank for my base. Now this game is officially one of the best of all time. Haha.

Score: 10.0 (Classic!)

Kevin Coffey wrote his opinion about Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

6 years ago

Peace Walker is a tough pill to swallow for me. I wanted to enjoy every minute of it but ultimately found myself grinding through game. It might be a combination of my completion-ist attitude and the handheld structure that led to my boredom with the game. (I played the HD PS3 port)

Score: 8.0 (Great!)

Big Boss A. wrote his opinion about Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

6 years ago

The most impressive game I've played on the PSP. While the controls are improved from the Portable Ops, they still can't overcome the fact it needs a second stick. Besides that however this game is a great MGS game, or action game in general. Packed with content, good graphics, and more backstory on Big Boss, this is an uncompromised MGS outing. The boss battles are kind of the weak for the series, but the scale of the game makes this the best game created for the platform imo.

Score: 9.5 (Fantastic!)


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