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Master SystemGaming System/Platform (Home Game Console)


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The Master System, often called the Sega Master System or SMS, is a third-generation video game console that was manufactured and released by Sega in 1985 in Japan, 1986 in North America, 1987 in Europe and 1989 in Brazil. The original Master System could play both cartridges and the credit card-sized "Sega Cards," which retailed for cheaper prices than cartridges but had lower storage capacity. The Master System also featured accessories such as a light gun and 3D glasses which were designed t... View more [Wikipedia]

Master System

    nodley GreenMaster System

    8 months ago

    Nod wants

    nodley Green A master system 1, not a 2? I've only seen one in my life.

    8 months ago

    Master Crash Okay, no, mine's a 2

    8 months ago

    nodley Green I now have a 1 and a 2

    8 months ago

    free fallMaster System

    5 years ago

    For a long time my brother had ours but I finally coaxed him into giving it to me. It doesn't have much of a library but there are some gems.


    Alternative Names

    • Sega Mark III

    As a Gaming System/Platform

    • Launch Date:1985
    • Type(s):Home Game Console
    • Generation:3rd Generation
    • Manufacturer:Sega

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