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Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of HeroesVideo Game (2D Fighting)

The world's most insane tag-team fantasy fighter is bigger than ever! An unprecedented 56 characters include the debut of Jill from Resident Evil, Servbots from Mega Man and Cable from Marvel Comics fame. Experience arcade perfect fighting with 3 on 3 tag-team battles, unbelievable control and hyper-fast animation. Pick a fight with legendary Capcom characters and Super Heroes from the Marvel Universe and prepare to be amazed.

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Michael Taylor wrote his opinion about Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age o...

6 years ago

Button Mashing Madness! Seriously, just the variety of characters and attacks make this game fun to play even today! Sure, there are throwaway, useless characters, but if you're just playing for fun they still add an extra dynamic to the game. It's probably not the technically best fighting game ever made, but its definitely one of most fun and very party friendly.

Jonathan Oyama wrote his opinion about Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age o...

6 years ago

Even though it looks too hard to handle, the special move system only consisted of quarter-circle moves. This made the game incredibly easy for anyone to pick up. It's still one of the fastest and the most exciting fighting games ever made.

Score: 9.0 (Fantastic!)

Max Marriner wrote his opinion about Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age o...

7 years ago

First off, thanks to ScrewAttack for rekindling my love for the Fight. Secondly, MvC2 was the sole reason I bought a PS2 (you can imagine my disappointment when I saw the price tags), and there's good reason for it: MvC2 is one of the best fighters out there, simply because it pushed the boundaries of character relevance in a fighting game. From Servbot to Shuma-Gorath (stay classy, Japan) every character out of the 52 was worth playing, at least once. Even a decade after its release, MvC2 was still played at huge tournaments, like EVO. With a soundtrack that I actually DO like, a simple-to-learn control scheme, and eye-popping and colorful art, MvC2 is a fighting fan's dream. What else can you say? Oh yeah, except IT'S MAHVEL, BABY!

Score: 9.5 (Fantastic!)


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