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Lost ArkVideo Game


A Korean hack & slash MMORPG.

Pape BadianeLost Ark

3 years ago

Wow, that's how Diablo III should have looked like!

Lost Ark Online Gameplay Debut Trailer Hack & Slas...

Lost Ark MMORPG English Translations + New Trailer + Subtitles (Click Below Link) - Play Video

Pape Badiane If there's a solo campaign, I'll get it for sure.

3 years ago

Giga Pudding Looks outstanding, but I'm skeptical about its gameplay. From the vid it looks that it focuses more on style over substance. The mobs seem to just be standing there, waiting for your attacks once they get near you and when they do eventually hit, it's for minimal damage, while your powerful spells cost only a tiny amount of mana.

3 years ago


Alternative Titles

  • Lost Ark Online

Game Info

  • Released:No
  • Release Date:To be Determined

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