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Level-5 Inc. (株式会社レベルファイブ, Kabushiki-gaisha Reberu Faibu) is a Japanese video game developer and publisher based in Fukuoka, Japan. The company, which employs around 280 individuals, was founded in October 1998 by Akihiro Hino, after he departed from the now defunct Japanese developer Riverhillsoft. Hino designs, plans, or produces nearly all of Level-5's games, and is also the CEO and President of the company. [Wikipedia]

Wizzy PopLevel-5

2 years ago

So, my favorite game of all time is Ni No Kuni.
And guess what: Yo-Kai Watch! at the moment is the favorite game of my 4yr old.
AND it is the first game we played through together. Such a great feeling to accomplish that. Gaming with him is the best! We are cheering while the other is playing and tell us how much we believe in each other. It is pure love to play a game with him and I love sharing a hobby with him. I even managed that he get's a real Yo-Kai Watch and Medals and stuff. So we also play the game without the 3DS. ^.^
So after I realized, that Level 5 is connected to such great moments in life, I have to put them on top of my list. ^.^

Sha Ember Did you try Inazuma Eleven? I'm sure he'd also like it.

2 years ago

Wizzy Pop Right now, I think he won't get the control on the field, but I already got 3 of them installed on my 3DS, so at a later point we def. will play them. Also I can't wait till he is old enough to understand Paper Mario Sticker Star. Another emotional game for me, as it was the last christmas gift, my mum gave me. (4yrs. ago)

2 years ago

Wizzy Pop Today we start to play postgame. There is so much todo and we celebrate everytime we find a new Yo-Kai. ^.^

2 years ago

Common Names

  • wwUnited Kingdom Level-5
  • Japan 株式会社レベルファイブ
  • Japan Kabushiki-gaisha Reberu Faibu

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  • Status:Active
  • Founded in:October 1998
  • Country:Japan
  • Industry:Game Developer

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