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League of LegendsVideo Game (Real-Time Strategy)

League of Legends (abbreviated LoL or just League) is a multiplayer online battle arena, real-time strategy video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It is a free-to-play game supported by microtransactions and inspired by the mod Defense of the Ancients for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. [Wikipedia]

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Ric I wrote his opinion about League of Legends

1 year ago

This game left nothing but terrible impressions on me.

First of all, The worst and most noticable flaw is the lack of freedom and player agency. If you try to do something different from the ALLMIGHTY METAGAME, you might, actually will, even get banned.

Secondly, it's the stalest and most repetitive competitive game I've ever played. Counter-Strike, Unreal Tournament, other competitive games had a ton of maps that changed gameplay, even if slightly. League of Legends (and it's grand-dad Dota by extension) plays always in the same map. Combined with enforced metagame, playing on the same map just increases repetition to unhealthy levels.

The other maps, aside from ARAM, which was genuinely more amusing than the main map, were even considered by the community as inside jokes. It doesn't help that games on the most popular (in practice it is the only) map are 40 minutes long in average. Even friends I played with and claimed to enjoy playing the game, were always hoping for 70% of the matches to end. Winning or losing changed nothing in personal enjoyment. When we were losing it was grey screen, run to action (painfully slowly, might I add) and try to fight back in unfair, bullshit situations.

When we were winning it was boring as well, felt like just clicking on folks and watch them die. I know that every videogame sounds silly when you describe them like that, but when you lose all levels of immersion and conveyance, all that remains is the clicking.

Thirdly, jukes and MOM GET THE CAMERA moments felt like nothing but really short bursts of happiness and I'm absolutely convinced that they only feel good because it's a break of all the monotony. It doesn't help how little presentation the game offers because even the most top elite skill plays just look like characters roaming around. There's no flash, and little substance to keep myself entertained.

And finally, there is a terrible, dreadful carrot on the stick mentality. When you start the game and the matches are terrible and boring with some low self-esteem smurf accounts destroying the game by winning or whining, and this is justified as "it's just low level, it'll get better." And then my friends said it would get better at level 30, but they complained about the SAME ISSUES I HAD IN MY LOW LEVEL MATCHES.

This is genuinely my most hated game of all time. There are worse games, but none give me a stronger feeling of disdain than this one. Dota 1 had an excuse, it was a mod, it was part of a much bigger ecosystem. League of Legends on the other hand has very little to stand on it's own. I don't get it, and what little I manage to get, I vehemently despise.

Score: 2.0 (Terrible!)

Lizard Wizard Salt

1 year ago

Captain ObviousLeague of Legends

2 years ago

The EU LCS is super good this year. Unicorns of Love, and G2 are going to become a big deal.

Master Crash Man, I have totally missed the last two years of LCS

2 years ago

Captain Obvious Fnatic has been a little disappointing. Spent most of today watching the LCS. Interesting to seem some lower level teams try, and fight to not be at the bottom.

2 years ago

Captain Obvious Watching people play a video game at such a high level of skill is a lot of fun.

2 years ago

Master CrashLeague of Legends

3 years ago

If anyone plays this game, I made a group for it, so come rage with me!

Giga Pudding Not a fan of the game, but I'll join for the nerdraging madness!

3 years ago

Master Crash Yay! I'm not alone!

3 years ago

Will Loughman wrote his opinion about League of Legends

3 years ago

This game is a classic!

Score: 10.0 (Classic!)

Giga Pudding wrote his opinion about League of Legends

4 years ago

League of Legends is simple enough for anyone to pick up and play. It's also seemingly deep enough for the ''hardcore'' players to pour hours upon hours into the game in order to improve their ''skills''. Sadly, those two things mixed together rarely do any favors for the community in a competitive multiplayer game. LoL is no exception. There's an insane amount of e-thugs polluting the player pool. And that's League of Legend's biggest problem. While some might say the awful community is not LoL's fault, I beg to differ. Riot Games built a game around certain rules that bring the worst out of most players and it hasn't done all that much in order to suppress the horrible behavior of LoL's community.
Pros: It's FREE, lovely and non-demanding visuals, loads of vastly different and interesting heroes to play as, solid gameplay that has the potential to suck you in, it's F2P done right
Cons: One of the most vile communities out there, lack of maps and modes, plenty of over/underpowered heroes, it only takes one of your teammates to single-handedly ruin the whole match for your entire team, matches tend to go on for way too long, gameplay lacks actual depth, there are no tools to replace a player once the match starts

Score: 6.0 (Not bad!)

Reuben Moretz This is an excellent synopsis. The player base is littered with just - bad people. As soon as you log in, you've entered a busy highway where everyone is in everyone else's way on the drive home - with the inclusion of anonymity. In my opinion, fixing the issue is Riot's job - if they want to curb the attitude, they can not only make the user's accountable, but they need a way to remove their anonymity - granted, that's not easily done, but in a world with really not recourse to your actions, this is a no brainer result. They really do have a great game on their hands, but eventually it will spiral out of control and they will be left with nothing. Probably better to hoard the cash and just convert it to an MMORPG - sorta like Blizzard did with Warcraft.

4 years ago

Daniel KayserLeague of Legends

4 years ago

Let's hope this makes things more secure for the millions of folks who enjoy this game. What does everyone think about this???

League of Legends adds email verification - GameSp...

Riot requires email verification on all account changes in order to increase security.

Giga Pudding It's a good call. Shame it wasn't launched across all territories simultaneously though. Hopefully everyone will get the Influence Points boost, erm, I mean better security soon enough.

4 years ago


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  • Released:Yes
  • First Release Date:October 27, 2009
  • Genre(s):Real-Time Strategy
  • Theme(s):Miscellaneous > Free-to-Play
    Gameplay > MP > Online
  • Developed by:Riot Games
  • Published by:Riot Games
  • System(s):Macintosh


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