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LITVideo Game (Action Adventure, Puzzle)


Dark creatures have taken over Jake's high school, and it's up to you to guide him through each classroom in order to be reunited with his girlfriend Rachael. Existing light sources must be used smartly to create bridges of light for Jake to cross. One false step and Jake gets pulled into the darkness. Along the way he'll encounter twisted versions of his school's faculty, which must be battled in order to advance. LIT is a horror/puzzle game that requires the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers... View more

User Average Score

5.5Not bad!

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Game Info

  • Released:Yes
  • First Release Date:2009
  • Genre(s):Action Adventure
  • Theme(s):Platform > Wiiware
    Theme > Horror/Survival Horror
  • Developed by:WayForward
  • Published by:Square Enix
  • System(s):Wii

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