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IcoVideo Game (Action Adventure)

Ico (イコ, Iko?, /ˈiːkoʊ/) is a puzzle-platformer and action-adventure game developed by Team Ico and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, released for the PlayStation 2 video game console in 2001 and 2002 in various regions. It was designed and directed by Fumito Ueda, who wanted to create a minimalist game around a "boy meets girl" concept. Originally planned for the PlayStation, Ico took approximately four years to develop. The team employed a "subtracting design" approach to reduce eleme... View more [Wikipedia]

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Woodrow ShigeruIco

2 years ago

Mark Brown on theGame Design of ICO and its design by subtraction.

Game Maker's Toolkit - Ico, and Design by Subtract...

Among designers, few modern games are held in such high regard as the PS2 cult classic, Ico. Let's figure out what has made this quiet and reserved game so h... - Play Video

Stephanie TaylorIco

3 years ago

I've been watching a friend play this. Those really grueling fights trying to fend off a big crowd of shadow dudes make me SO tense.

Ove Duesund Stopped playing it after the third or fourth encounter with an enemy. Just couldn't be bothered.

3 years ago

Woodrow Shigeru I never took them as annoying enough to quit the game. It's an idyllic game with a simplistic element of danger.

3 years ago

Giga Pudding Pretty sure combat was put into the game for reasons other than gameplay

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'cause if it wasn't, they could've just replaced it with chase and/or stealth sequences and it would've been a much better gameplay experience.

3 years ago

Kylin Snowden wrote his opinion about Ico

3 years ago

Ico is a brilliant game made by the masterful Fumito Ueda. It takes a bit more to enjoy this game as opposed to Sotc. It's very slow. Similar to Tinker Tailor Solider Spy, It takes its time with its world and character building. It's environments seem drab only because it's narrative is based on realism. If you can appreciate a slow paced, environmental puzzle game , youll enjoy Ico. If you enjoy small character interactions with little to no dialogue, youll love Ico. What makes this game good can't be stated in written word. Most games can't. Its interactive and deserves to be experienced as such. I'll address some common complaints. Camera: The camera moves on its own to show you everything you need. The camera does not control poorly, you just have to trust it will steer you in the right direction. Combat: to play this game as an action game does it a huge dis service. It's minimal, yes. Why should it be any more. This game is not an action game.

Score: 10.0 (Classic!)

Charles Walker wrote his opinion about Ico

3 years ago

Shadow of the Colossus's spiritual predecessor. A game where you play as a helpless young boy with horns trying to help out an even more helpless young girl as you work together to escape a strange yet mystical castle inhabited by an evil queen and mysterious shadow creatures. Like Shadow of the Colossus, it's very atmospheric, and the environments are very well detailed. Despite there not being very many cutscenes and story moments, I found myself caring for both Ico and Yorda and wanting to see them to the end of their journey.

Team ICO really knows how to make games with characters you get attached to with minimal effort. Between the two main characters of this game and your main character and his horse in SotC. While I do prefer SotC, this game is also amazing and worth a playthrough.

Score: 9.0 (Fantastic!)

Giga PuddingIco

4 years ago

Tried the remote play option with Ico and the experience was really smooth. I saw no noticeable lag between my button inputs and the action performed (nor any framerate issues), but the visuals were a bit less crisp. Actually, the whole game was not exactly clear even on the PS3, but on the Vita it was ever so slightly less so. Still, am quite impressed with the results.

Giga Pudding wrote his opinion about Ico

4 years ago

Ico is a game that won't sit well with everyone. Be it for its unappealing visuals, clumsy camera and controls, its overly minimalistic nature... Let's just say it has a lot going against it. And yet, some will be able to look past those shortcomings, embrace some of them even, and get completely absorbed by the areas in which the game excels in.
Pros: Brilliant level design, superb puzzles that are well integrated into the environment, minimalistic game design, good atmosphere
Cons: Bad controls and camera, weak combat, poor AI all around, ugly environments, its minimalism is a tad strong across all areas

Score: 7.0 (Good!)

Aiden Bains wrote his opinion about Ico

5 years ago

It's got fantastic level design (for the most part), along with a good atmosphere and engaging story. That being said, 25% of the game is made up of combat sections, which are thoroughly shallow and tedious - a simple affair of mash square to continue, with the only penalty being incredibly lazily designed (getting knocked down, unable to control the character for a few seconds).
There's a fair few graphical glitches which really destroy the sense of immersion the game tries to create - every time you hold a barrel or climb a pole your weapon goes straight through.
The AI is good for the most part, but Yorda does occasionally decide to be act like a moron, not to mention how aggravatingly slow her walking speed is!

Score: 6.5 (Not bad!)

Big Boss A. wrote his opinion about Ico

6 years ago

This game lives up to its reputation as far the storytelling and aesthetics, which really are among the best the young medium has yet offered. Unfortunatly it is lacking by some conventional gameplay standards. Control is poor and very shallow for combating enemies, and the camera is frequently uncooperative. Combined it can make it harder to figure out what to do next than it really should, and left me put off on a lot of the game. It's more of an experience than a great game, but I can can see how people would love this game for marching to its own drum, especially given how radical the design was back in 2001.

Antsy Banger wrote his opinion about Ico

6 years ago

Think Another World but with an ally that you have to protect and tell what to do at all times in a typical rescue the helpless girl scenario. Add Zelda-like mechanics, a somewhat cryptic plot and there you have it, ICO.

Score: 6.5 (Not bad!)

Sir larosenin The difference here is that you need her as much as she needs you.

3 years ago

Antsy Banger I'd say the symbiosis theme is something the games have in common. My comment from a few years back is unfair though, and shouldn't be taken too seriously

3 years ago

Sir larosenin Oh yeah, didn't realized it was that old. I did not remember that Unikgamer's comment were sometimes transferred here, sorry

3 years ago

Woodrow Shigeru wrote his opinion about Ico

7 years ago

ICO is a 3D puzzle platformer, but it is also an interactive painting - a masterpiece even! Atmosphere is the very big focus of this game: the lack of GUI helps the immersion in more ways than you can imagine. The story-telling is achieved wonderfully despite the fact that the spoken language is entirely ficticious. The subtle and slightly eerie background music transports you into another realm. The breath-taking imagery makes you stop playing the game and just admire it.The huge architecture makes you feel small, and the effective play of light and subtle use of green is so heartrending that you can't help but be glad that all those video-game-haters are never going to see this beauty - because they don't deserve it.

Score: 10.0 (Classic!)


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