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FragFX FragchuckConsumer Electronics (Video Game Controller)


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Keyboard enhancement, fully programmable: The FragFX FragChuck is the PC gamers ultimate control. It improves your gaming experience on PC and MAC by giving you greater control compared to a traditional keyboard. Use the analog stick to replace WASD, navigate and strive with precision and convenience. It features a D-Pad; on top of WASD control via analog stick you get additional 10 control buttons! The FragFX FragChuck is completely wireless and lag free. Program the buttons to your like. Fast... View more

FragFX Fragchuck

    Woodrow ShigeruFragFX Fragchuck

    1 year ago

    It\'s probably a great product but that name … It kinda sounds like a joke. \"Fraggels MacChuck – The Chuck Norris among the nun-chuck controllers.\"

    Kevin Coffey I don't even understand how to read that, my mind instantly goes to "Fragfucks fragchuck"

    1 year ago

    Husky WingFragFX Fragchuck

    2 years ago

    It's so weird, and goddamn I want one. Should I buy one? Do I need one right now? I have no idea! Okay I'll wait

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