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For HonorVideo Game (3D Fighting)

For Honor is an hack and slash action-adventure video game in development by Ubisoft Montreal and is set to be published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was announced at E3 2015. The game introduces a new combat system called "The Art of Battle" and allows player to play as historical figures such as knights, Samurai and Vikings. The game is an "Art of Battle" focusing the mechanic of sword-play, rather than firearms. The game consist three team; Knights, Samura... View more [Wikipedia]

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Alexander the GreatFor Honor

3 months ago

Argh, no chance edit it to a released status. Getting to the point this game is currently for free on Steam!

Ed KickFor Honor

1 year ago

Got to spend a couple days with the beta, and it's very obviously multiplayer focused (I've heard the only reason to play the campaign is so you can learn to play better in multi) so that's a bit disappointing for me personally but the multiplayer is interesting. It felt almost like Smite + Dark Souls, and I can definitely see it gathering a nice dedicated fanbase even if I've been turned off a bit by it being so multiplayer focused.

I'm hoping the beta didn't have all the maps and game modes available if it did it definitely lacking there but there seems to be a good bit of customization and options for equipping and upgrading various characters plus with it being a beta and with upgrades and additions to surely come throughout the games lifespan it doesn't initially seem to suffer from the extreme lack of content many multiplayer games have been recently suffering from.

It may not get amazing reviews or sell a ridiculous amount of copies but I think Ubi has another solid multiplayer title under their belt especially seeing what they've been able to do with Rainbow Six Siege and The Division after really rough launches from both.

Aramonde HasashiFor Honor

2 years ago

The beta is over and i didn't get to play . I really want to play this game!

Aramonde HasashiFor Honor

2 years ago

Been watching people stream the beta and this game looks fun. Definitely on my watch list.

Florian Narratio wrote his opinion about For Honor

3 years ago

The guy who presented the game better be a playable character, he was amazing.


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