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FlowerVideo Game (Miscellaneous)

Playing as the wind, the player guides and grows a swarm of pedals by interacting with other flowers and the surrounding environment. The goals and journey in each level vary, but all involve flight, exploration and interaction with the level. The player guides the lead petal and accumulates a swarm of flower petals as he moves at his own pace within the environment, causing the on-screen world to change.

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Jonathan Oyama wrote his opinion about Flower

1 month ago

It's a game about how a flower petal will save the world from the incoming apocalypse. I mean, that's what I got out of this storyline. The controls are terrible, but the graphics look pretty.

Score: 8.0 (Great!)

Silent Gamer I loved this. It's probably the first "artsy" game I played.

1 month ago


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