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Fire Emblem WarriorsVideo Game (3D Beat 'em Up)


A tiny teaser was shown for Fire Emblem Warriors. No gameplay was shown. It will be arriving on the Switch holiday 2017. [Wikipedia]

Stephanie TaylorFire Emblem Warriors

8 months ago

IS isn\'t making this, so I can feel reasonably safe that there won\'t be any \"magical gay conversion therapy\" garbage in this one. FE characters with Dynasty Warriors-style gameplay seems like a pretty good mash-up. Hopefully some of the laguz from PoR/RD make an appearance.

Husky WingFire Emblem Warriors

8 months ago

If they only release one of these, I'll actually want to pick it up.
You know, assuming I get over the Switch's PAID FUCKINGNN ONLIJNEF

free fall Octopath Traveler is really the best name for a game ever, I seriously hope that's finalized.

8 months ago

free fall and Grand Theft Mario actually looks kind of awesome.

8 months ago

Official Titles(● = Original Title)

  • Japan Fire Emblem Musou
  • wwUnited Kingdom Fire Emblem Warriors

Alternative Titles

  • Fire Emblem Musou

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