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Final Fantasy IVVideo Game (J-Style RPG)

Final Fantasy IV (ファイナルファンタジーIV, Fainaru Fantajī Fō?) is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) in 1991 as a part of the Final Fantasy series. The game was originally released for the Super Famicom in Japan and has since been rereleased for many other platforms with varying modifications. The game was re-titled Final Fantasy II during its initial release outside of Japan as the original Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III had not been released outside o... View more [Wikipedia]

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Silent GamerFinal Fantasy IV

1 year ago

Excellent cover of Theme of Love Was listening to this on the walk home

Final Fantasy IV - Theme of Love (feat. insaneint...

More remixes! Here's a jazz ballad version of "Theme of Love" from FF4. Featuring the fantastic skills of Carlos Eiene, AKA insaneintherainmusic! I think thi... - Play Video

Dr Eggnog After 6 seconds, all I can think of is porn.

1 year ago

Silent Gamer Jazz is porn for the ears.

1 year ago

Dr Eggnog wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy IV

2 years ago

I found this one very hard to get into, but once I did I liked it. (ps1 version)

Score: 7.0 (Good!)

Silent GamerFinal Fantasy IV

3 years ago

"Back attack - Rydia is KO'd........use Phoenix Down.......Back attack - Rydia is KO'd......use Phoenix Down.......Back attack - Rydia is KO'd.......

Gries He Dude, at least this game let's you buy Phoenix Downs at each shop. We ain't got that kind of luxary where I'm right now. This FF III world of 1990 is harsh, yo.

3 years ago

Silent Gamer True that, only 100gil a pop too

3 years ago

Ice The Retro Kid wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy IV

5 years ago

A begining of my love for RPG's. I did like Final Fantasy on the NES, but this solidified my fandom of the Final Fantasy series. I love the characters, I love the plot, I love the structure and it's pretty much the template for what I consider my favorite type of game.

Score: 9.0 (Fantastic!)

Big Boss A. wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy IV

5 years ago

I've played multiple versions of this game, but the fact is it hasn't aged well imo. The games structure is really restrictively linear, the set classes make combat boring, and the story, while involved for its' time, is neither charmingly simple like the earlier games or as grand as the later sequels. Despite a few good characters and turns, it's still archaic. Heck, I even find the music to be forgettable compared to a lot of other FF titles. It's a nostalgic title for many but to me it's one of the most forgettable Final Fantasy games.

Score: 6.0 (Not bad!)

Max Marriner wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy IV

6 years ago

It was tough to choose between Final Fantasy IV and V, but IV edged out by a small margin due to its great story. It's a tale of questioning authority and self-redemption, the latter-half of which I can relate to. Cecil is a badass because he realizes the horrible things he's done, and vows to change them, instead of shoving his problems away like Cloud or Holden Caulfield (OH SNAP DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING, DID YOU?!). The innovation that IV brought to Final Fantasy is unquestionable; the introduction of the "active-time battle system" brought the series to a whole new level of greatness. With a difficulty that suits an FF greenie like m'self, a fantastic soundtrack, and the best plotline in the series, FFIV is my personal favorite.

Score: 8.5 (Great!)

Jonathan Oyama wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy IV

7 years ago

This is still a classic, where people travel to bizarre, extraordinary places. There are many strange moments that allow characters to descend into the underworld and soar into outer space. Yet it's also a wonderful tearjerker about characters who must deal with a series of unfortunate tragedies.

Score: 9.5 (Fantastic!)

Pape Badiane wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy IV

7 years ago

I've heard many time (maybe too many) that it was the best FF ever. After playing and beating it, I can honestly say that it is not (IMHO)!!

I can see how it is a good game but I can tell that nostalgia is speaking for many gamers out there.
Traditional RPGs do not age well, my friends.

Score: 6.0 (Not bad!)


Official Titles(● = Original Title)

  • wwUnited Kingdom Final Fantasy IV
  • Japan ファイナルファンタジーIV

Alternative Titles

  • Final Fantasy II (US)
  • Final Fantasy IV Advance (GBA)
  • Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection (PSP)

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