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Duck HuntVideo Game (Rail/Light Gun Shooter)

Your trusty hunting dog wades into the marshes to flush out your prey. Your fingers tighten around your Zapper light gun. Suddenly, there's a duck in the air! You've only got three shots to bag this duck, and if you miss, even your dog laughs at you! But become a sharp shooter, and you'll progress to the next round where two ducks fly up at the same time. And then you're on to the ultimate challenge: Clay Shooting, where you'll compete in a wild clay-pigeon shooting contest. Play DUCK HUNT and... View more

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DJ JJ Slider wrote his opinion about Duck Hunt

1 year ago

The charming setting of Duck Hunt just seemed right at the time. The cute 8-bit soundtrack. The gray 80s light gun that eventually got painted red after the parents complained. And that snickering dog. Duck Hunt must be my favorite light gun games of all time, but I think I'm just in love with that dog.

Score: 9.5 (Fantastic!)

Chris Elliott wrote his opinion about Duck Hunt

1 year ago

its Duck Hunt of course its here it started many gamer's love of gaming

Bryan Leontes wrote his opinion about Duck Hunt

3 years ago

Great graphics for the time. Super fun.

Score: 10.0 (Classic!)

Big Boss A. wrote his opinion about Duck Hunt

7 years ago

AKA the game that used the zapper. Pretty fun, although I have to wonder who the hell trained the dog. XD


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