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Dragon Quest XIVideo Game (J-Style RPG)

Dragon Quest XI is the eleventh main series entry in the Dragon Quest series, developed and published by Square Enix. It is currently in development for PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo NX. The game is currently scheduled for release in Japan in 2017. [Wikipedia]

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free fallDragon Quest XI

10 months ago

Oh my god give me this game now!

Husky Wing okay it looks like, in english, the only releases are NES, GBC, mobile. I probably knew this before I bought the cartridge, and then forgot it later on. That's usually what happens when I buy these types of games.

10 months ago

free fall The GBC version is probably better to play nowadays, they streamlined the experience a bit and let you save anywhere. Plus RPGs are a lot of fun on the road!

10 months ago

Husky Wing I've gathered quite a few portable JRPGs, I just... haven't... played.... hmm. Oh, I have FF1 & 2 on PS1, are those better on that platform, or on whichever Gameboy they were released for?

10 months ago

Husky WingDragon Quest XI

11 months ago

I'd quite like to get into the series and play through every game, but does this game's PS4 artstyle look off-putting to anyone else?
tbh when I play through the series, I'll probably play this game three times--once on PS4, once on 3DS in 3D, and once on 3DS in 2D.

Husky Wing I think I'm slowly becoming a full-on anarchist who feels that the systems of modern society are crushing the populace, and that to thrive, we either need the downfall of society, or we need to be able to establish new societies on other planets. Just because, like, that'd be really exciting.

11 months ago

Husky Wing But hey, right now I'm really comfortable with strong economic and slight social regulation (speed limits are aight), so I'm not establishing my positive-new-age-but-keep-an-eye-on-us cult yet. Yet.

11 months ago

Husky Wing Husky "NSA Watchlist" Wing

11 months ago

Demi AxersiaDragon Quest XI

11 months ago

Gahhh, I wish I had more time to play this game! I've had the PS4 version for 5 days now but I'm only 30 hours in, and it seems I'm only halfway through.

They made a real DQ game here. A worthy successor to DQ8. Not that DQ9 wasn't any good, it just wasn't what I'd hoped for. DQ11 so far has met my expectations on almost all accounts. There's two aspects where it does fall short, though...

First off, the music. There doesn't seem to be as much original music in this as previous games. They've recycled a bunch, especially from DQ8. While there are some areas and scenes where this makes sense, just randomly throwing in a town theme from DQ8 because there's only 1 original town theme is kind of a bummer.

Secondly, DQ8 was the perfect game at the time. The only thing it was still missing was a seamless world, which might not have been possible with the technology they had. My vision for a DQ8 successor is that it'd finally have this seamless world.

Unfortunately, the game is still heavily zoned, perhaps even moreso than DQ8. In DQ8, I feel you could follow a path, and you'd either hit a loading screen for a town, a dungeon, or the sea. It was extremely smart and elegant in its zoning. In DQ11, you can reach the end of a path and will need to load the next zone. Granted, they can be massive, but I suppose having the horse available from the get-go can make them feel a lot smaller. At least you don't need to load a house's interior anymore.

I just hope the game wasn't held back by the 3DS version... It's been said that the 3DS version didn't start development until the PS4 version was halfway done, but that it was "always the plan" (sure....). It's also been said that the 3DS world had to be scaled down, because the 2D version got too big for a 2D sprite-based RPG.

It's fine, though. This is, by all accounts, the game I've been waiting for. I went into it thinking I'd probably like it more than Breath of the Wild, but didn't think it'd top Nier Automata. Now I'm not so sure anymore. It's so good!

I'll be starting a new playthrough of the 3DS version on my Liquid Metal Slime 2DS XL today on the train. The game doesn't have a job system, but the skill system is basically the same as DQ8 (just with a hexagonal license board presentation), meaning there's quite a bit of replayability as using a new weapon can make you feel like using a new class.

I've also tried out the password system to import my PS4 save into the 3DS version, and yes, it totally works! Your party's levels will be set to that of the hero, and your equipment will be the best purchasable at that point. You might lose a little story progress though, as I think you need to hit a completion flag for each town. So while not a substitute for a true cross-save cloud service, it's perfectly fine if you want to switch versions halfway in case you're going on vacation or whatever.

All in all, the game definitely feels like a sendoff for the series and a big thank you to the fans. Yuji Horii himself said there might not be another one directed by him (guy's in his sixties, y'know?), so he really had to make this the best game it can be, and use all his ideas he'd built up over the years. I'm extremely excited to see how this story ends, moreso than any DQ before it.

Ulty From what I understand, you wanted an open world DQ. That would be really amazing, but DQ never rolled like that. I am so fucking pumped for this game, if it's as good as DQVIII i'll be in heaven

11 months ago

Demi Axersia It didn't need to be open world, just seamless. With good level design there's plenty of ways to gate the player. Keep in mind even Jak & Daxter was a seamless game. I guess I always just figured that with current-gen hardware, they'd try to make a game where you could just walk into a town without a loading screen. It's totally doable, and I'm a bit worried they didn't even bother as they had to divide the game into chunks for the 3DS version anyway. Speaking of which, I got to play a couple hours of it today, and it's a completely different experience. You can still ride a horse, but there isn't much point to it because you can just walk from one end of a zone to the other in like 30 secs. A distance that would've felt like a "journey" in the PS4 version. The battles are also sped up (not necessarily a bad thing...). If you want a quicker abridged version with the same story, the 3DS version is the way to go. Also, the 2D mode feels... off. It's too spacious. You can definitely tell that had they made it any bigger, it would've become a problem. But was it really worth sacrificing the size of the game world, just add in a retro mode as a bonus? Ah well, I suppose it doesn't matter. Anyone who cares enough to play the game as it was intended can just play the PS4 version.

11 months ago

Ulty Sure but when we're talking about RPG's or adventure games, those caracteristics are usually associated with open-world games. But I understand your point, and I agree it would've been better for immersion. I guess the culprit there might be the decision of making a 3DS version, but honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the decision was made early on in development. I love the DQ team, but when it comes to game design and holding on to traditions they're total dinossaurs.

11 months ago

Demi AxersiaDragon Quest XI

1 year ago

So the Japanese release date has been set for July 29, 2017. Can you believe it hasn't even been 2 years since the game was announced? And they only missed their intended release window (the series' 30th anniversary year, which ends May 27th) by two months.

How did Square Enix manage to pull that off? For two simultaneously-developed games, at that. How the fuck is Kingdom Hearts III not out yet with no release date in sight?

Anyway, So-Frickin-Pumped! I just got my double pre-order in at Amazon Japan, which is probably a bad idea, because why'd I wanna play the 3DS version right after finishing the PS4 version?

That said, they did manage to implement a password system as a throwback to the the Japanese release of the first game, and the passwords are interchangeable between the different versions, adding cross-save functionality. I'm sure there will be limitations (lest they end up with those absurdly-long passwords from Golden Sun), but being able to quickly jump ahead in the other game should be fun.

Still no information on the Switch release except that "it's coming... someday". If it turns out to be a port of the 3DS release (which I'm worried about more and more...), I'll cancel that version and wait for Switch.

For me this is looking to be the best year in Japanese gaming since 2010.

『ドラゴンクエストXI 過ぎ去りし時を求めて 2機種混合プロモーション映像』 - YouTube...

2017年7月29日(土)発売決定! PlayStation®4、ニンテンドー3DS™ソフト 『ドラゴンクエストXI 過ぎ去りし時を求めて』2機種混合プロモーション映像です。 「ドラゴンクエスト」シリーズ11番目となる本編最新作は、 シリーズの原点に立ち返り「勇者」の冒険を描いた物語。 PlayStation®4...... - Play Video

Ulty I want this game sooooo much...but it'll probably only be released in the west next year

1 year ago

Silent GamerDragon Quest XI

2 years ago

I randomly received a text from a friend yesterday. Apparently he had just watched someone streaming this game on PS4.

"What is this Dragon Quest? And why is it not in my life?"

nodley Green Oh, now you make me wanna play it. But I still have my truck business to run, the bank want back that money I loaned.

2 years ago

Demi Axersia DQ8 is JRPG perfection. When I first played it back in '06, I said to myself "Alright, this is it, end of the line. This is the ultimate culmination of the style of game that started with the original DQ. There will never be anything better." And now, a decade later, I still stand by that. Nothing released in the past decade has even come close to DQ8. DQ9 was still a great game in its own right, of course, and I'm sure DQ11 will be as well, but I don't expect it to surpass DQ8 at all. The 3DS version looks to be another pre-DQ8 game, and DQ11 will probably be a post-DQ10 game. From what little gameplay footage there is, the areas already look too big. No other game has a worldmap as carefully crafted as DQ8's, and I expect that while DQ11 will be many times larger and seamless, also being a lot blander. DQ3 is a fine game as well. It's the first truly realized DQ game. DQ1 was more of a prototype, DQ2 was getting there but still rudimentary, and DQ3 completely nailed it.

2 years ago

Dr Eggnog I really like DQ1, more than 2, 4, 7, or 9 actually. Of course, I played the improved GBC version. I should try 3 sometime.

2 years ago

Ulty Dragon Quest XI

2 years ago

It's today, guys! Who's staying late to watch the 30th anniversary event?

ドラゴンクエスト30周年プロジェクト発表会 - 2016/01/13 14:00開始 - ニコニコ生...


Demi AxersiaDragon Quest XI

2 years ago

So DQXI was just officially announced. It's coming to both PS4 and 3DS as I expected. I just didn't see them moving away from Nintendo's handhelds, but Yuji Horii had already confirmed it was coming to a home console, so this seemed like the most logical conclusion.

They're two very different games with different development teams. The PS4 version runs on Unreal Engine 4 and looks amazing, but I'm a little worried about too much of DQX seeping in. The town footage they've shown could've easily been mistaken for an MMO with how massive it was. Not having any NPCs in it obviously wasn't helping. They didn't show off the battle system, so there's a chance it'll play like DQX.

The 3DS version was weird. The top screen shows the game in 3D, and you can move the camera all the way from the top-down to the behind-the-back position. The bottom screen displays the game as it were made for the SNES. They did show off the battle system in this one, which was a tradition turn-based battle system.

The PS4 version will be my first choice, but I'll likely end up playing both.

Dragon Quest XI announced for PS4 and 3DS - Gemats...

Square Enix has announced Dragon Quest XI for PlayStation 4 and 3DS. (Update: And Nintendo NX.) The game is directed by Takeshi Uchikawa. Both versions share the same story, but differ in visuals and partially in development teams. View artwork of the mai

Ulty Man, I cannot wait for this game. I'm a little dissapointed that they didn't show some of the battle system in the PS4 version, but damn it the visuals are fakin' gorgeous! 2016, HERE I COME!!

2 years ago

Big Boss A. Can't say I expected them to build two whole versions of the game! Weird. Wonder if they'll be different enough to justify people buying both of them. Wish they'd put it on Vita too if they're going to make a handheld version, but I suppose that was never in the cards.

2 years ago

Bob GutSmasha It should be in all the cards, Sony should be throwing them out of planes and helicopters! It's sad watching the Vita become an indie box :\

2 years ago

Big Boss A.Dragon Quest XI

3 years ago

Clearest confirmation yet that DQ XI is going to be a badass HD title.

Dragon Quest XI Is For Home Console, Square Thinki...

Additionally, Horii also confirmed that Dragon Quest XI will be an offline game—not an MMORPG like Dragon Quest X.

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