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Deep DownVideo Game (W-Style RPG)

Deep Down is the working title for the upcoming role-playing video game by Capcom for the PlayStation 4 video game console to be released in 2015. It is to be a single-player game with the option to have 4 player co-op multiplayer, akin to that of Dark Souls, with random players dropping into your world to help you defeat monsters and find artifacts. Deep Down‍ '​s gameplay style is dungeon crawler, which involves the player exploring dungeons based on the memories collected on artifacts. Weapo... View more [Wikipedia]

Gries HeDeep Down

4 years ago

Deep down you know this game is going to suck.

Deep Down. You know this game is going to suck.

Periods (.) are useless. I thought I had a "witty" joke here, but nooohoho that would be too easy. god dammit grammar.

Honestly though, if this game gets a higher metascore than 65 I'm going to eat crow.

Anyway, is this still supposed to be a F2P game? Has Capcpom (TM) cancelled it? If not, WHY NOT?? When's it going to come out? What's it even about? Can I play this offline? Do I need this game in my life?

Is anyone of you looking forward to it?

So many questions.

BenJi Whoever wrote his opinion about Deep Down

4 years ago

I need more Dark Souls... this game looks like it... also I love Capcom... and I hate Capcom for their recent BULLSHIT and their fucking need to earn more money... and they turned their naked BUTTS to the american audience to fuck them for money... and turned their back to the HUGE fans like me. That's why Keiji Inafune showed them the middle finger, right ? Tell me that this isn't exactly what they did ? You can say I'm too harsh, but you know it's true : ) and the fans know it too...
So better make something good out of Deep Down Capcom...

Noah Grayson wrote his opinion about Deep Down

4 years ago

I'm really curious as to how Deep, Deep Down wants to go?! Poor jokes aside I'm really liking the Dark Souls vibe I'm getting from it. Also I hear it's 3 player Co op... oooh and what's this? It's also free to play?! add me to the E3 hype train, I want a release date for the West stat... Capcom probably won't do it though =(

GameTrailersDeep Down

4 years ago

Are you still hyped for Deep Down? Will it show at E3? Here’s what we’re thinking at this point.

Deep Down Video - What to Expect From Deep Down |...

From its stunning debut trailer to its lackluster TGS presence, Deep Down continue to mystify and taunt. Here's what we’re thinking for E3.

Game Blade wrote his opinion about Deep Down

4 years ago

Multiplayer in a dark souls environment. I'm curious

Des Lambert wrote his opinion about Deep Down

4 years ago

Deep down in public view, went from awe-inspiring 'Next-gen' to, well...not that. There are a lot of fantastic games coming out, but this looks to combine Dark Souls with some party action, all the while allowing people to play for free! Free seems to be a dirt word to some, and by all means, if you are forced to purchase anything from the inevitable cash-shop to enjoy the game, or keep you on a level playing field with others (pay to win) then the game will have troubles. But right now, it looks good.

Daniel KayserDeep Down

4 years ago

Here's some fresh media for those of you tracking Deep Down.

Deep Down closes out the year with new trailer, sc...

It's appropriate that PS4 RPG Deep Down ends 2013 on a rather vague note. The new trailer and screenshots released this week don't add...

Daniel KayserDeep Down

5 years ago

Who's excited for Deep Down? Have you seen the gameplay presentation out of TGS?

Deep Down Video - TGS: Gameplay Footage (Sony Live...

Delve deep into the dungeon, with this streamed gameplay straight from Tokyo Game Show!

Pape BadianeDeep Down

5 years ago

Developed by Japan Studio? Is it a PS4 exclusive then?

Giga Pudding Seems to be confirmed that it's an exclusive. ''Deep Down is an MMORPG with automatically generated maps, enemies and equipment, and it will be PS4 exclusive.'' My enthusiasm has dropped significantly with that synopsis. Exclusive or not.

5 years ago


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