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Bloodstained: Ritual of the NightVideo Game (Action Adventure, 2D Platformer)

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is an upcoming metroidvania video game developed by Inti Creates and published by 505 Games. The game is led by former Castlevania series producer Koji Igarashi, and is considered a spiritual successor to the series. Bloodstained is expected to be released in 2018 for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, and Xbox One. The Wii U and Vita versions are being developed by Armature Studio. [Wikipedia]

DJ JJ SliderBloodstained: Ritual of the Night

6 months ago

The Kickstarter backers got their 8-bit bonus, I guess. To be honest, I always had more confidence in Iga than I had with Inafking (Keiji Inafune). I probably should've joined that Kickstarter, because 2D Castlevania always needs more games.

nwhome Zebra wrote his opinion about Bloodstained: Ritual of the Ni...

3 years ago

As a Castlevania fan and backer of this project, I Had to include Bloodstained on this list.

Alan Varner wrote his opinion about Bloodstained: Ritual of the Ni...

3 years ago

I'm most excited for Bloodstained mainly because I am a fan of Igarashi's previous work on the Castlevania series (especially Symphony of the Night, the DS trilogy, and Lament of Innocence) and this title looks to follow in those game's footsteps.

Demi AxersiaBloodstained: Ritual of the Night

3 years ago

It's that time of the month again, folks. Get ready to open your wallets for a game that won't see the light of day for another two years. Castlevania's Koji Igarashi has turned to Kickstarter for his unlicensed Castlevania game, with an estimated delivery date of March 2017.

28 dollars gets you a digital edition for PS4, Xbox One or Steam, and 60 dollars gets you a Kickstarter-exclusive physical edition. Of course, there's more expensive tiers if you want some goodies to come with it.

The game will be developed by Inti Creates, known for the Mega Man Zero series, Mega Man 9 & 10, and of course the upcoming Mighty No. 9. Music will be done by Castlevania's Michiru Yamane, as well as Inti Creates' Ippo Yamada. The game will feature a female protagonist not entirely dissimilar to Order of Ecclesia's Shanoa, which I'm quite happy about.

Anyway, thought I'd leave this here for those who wanna support the project. Personally, I think a 2-year pre-order is a bit much, but I'm happy IGA's making another one of these again, so I threw him the 5 bucks it costs to earn his eternal gratitude.

Kickstarter >> Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night b...

Koji Igarashi is raising funds for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night on Kickstarter! IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!

Demi Axersia Oh, and as a bonus, IGA did a 2-hour stream of Symphony of the Night with a Double Fine employee and a translator, so there's that as well if you're interested:

3 years ago

DJ JJ Slider Maybe March 2017 was a little too ambitious at the time. Lol. Well, one year later isn't too bad.

6 months ago

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