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There are actually several different meanings for “black pill”, but the most common is the incel/Men’s Rights one, so I assume that’s the one you’re asking about. As has been suggested, the term is a variant on the “Red Pill” in the movie The Matrix. In that film, the protagonist is offered a choice between a “Blue Pill” that will return him to his normal life with his current beliefs, and a “Red Bill” that will show him the true nature of reality but take him out of his regular life forever.... View more

Waluigifan !Blackpill

1 month ago

I was just eating breakfast at my parents house and somehow the topic of “oh no I’ll never have grandchildren” came up. I straight-up told them that their shitty genes are responsible that I have no girlfriend. Of course they wouldn’t believe it since they are bluepilled as frick. As if a person who’s never had a girlfriend in 26 years isn’t enough proof of the blackpill, just fucking lol. Oh well. They will stay delusional until their death then. Not my problem.

nodley Green Like Silent said, you need to like yourself. I agree, gym helped me a lot when I was down.

1 month ago

Gries He In your current mental state you're not really receptive to any productive advice, so why even bother?

1 month ago

nodley Green The first step to happiness is accepting who and what you are. If there's something about yourself that you want to change get up and do it. Sitting around sulking achieves nothing, you'll be in exactly the same place forever. You gotta get off your arse and make it work.

1 month ago

Waluigifan !Blackpill

7 months ago

This video is absolutely fucking amazing


All super heroes are good looking, muscular and make a good living without ever having to work. There is only one super hero who is not any of those things.....

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