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Bethesda Softworks

    Husky WingBethesda Softworks

    10 months ago

    Pete Hines sounds nervous.
    Should I have bullied him so much about Prey 2?

    Husky WingBethesda Softworks

    10 months ago

    I like this girl in the pre-show discussion. She's fun.
    And she's cute >w<

    Riley Ivy no u

    10 months ago

    Husky Wing gosh riles >w<

    10 months ago

    Husky WingBethesda Softworks

    1 year ago

    Bethesda support made someone smash his limited edition Fallout 3 records to get a full refund
    Well okay, it's ThinkGeek's support (who run Bethesda's merch store)
    but fuck you bethesda I want Prey 2

    The Fallout fan made to destroy his records for a...

    UPDATE 4.00pm: "We are following up with ThinkGeek as it is not the kind of service we want folks to experience from our store," a Bethesda spokesperson tol&hellip;

    Will Loughman wrote his opinion about Bethesda Softworks

    3 years ago

    These guys deserve as many medals as they could possibly get. They know what their fans want and work their asses off to make sure they get it. Their attention to details are always appreciated and obvious. A prime example of their brilliance are: The Elder Scroll Series and the Fallout Series.