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Another WorldVideo Game (2D Platformer)

There it is - the particle accelerator you've invented. You are so intent on testing it, you don't even notice the crackling outside of a not-so-distant electrical storm. Before you can say snap, crackle, pop, a lightning bolt slams through you and the accelerator with deadly accuracy. When you finally come to, you have no idea where you are. Are you being watched? Is this place home? In order to survive, you'll need to dodge, outwit and overcome deadly alien monsters and blood-sucking leeches... View more

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Woodrow ShigeruAnother World

3 years ago

Is the anniversary edition any good?

Aiden Bains But if you're just talking about the original vs the anniversary edition, then again I'd say grab the anniversary one - the option to play with original or the updated graphics is great (I've completed it with both). The new checkpoints that they've added are more of a mixed bag - there's a few that really help with the flow of the game, but there's also a fair few that just few like they're pandering to the "old games are too hard" crowd.

3 years ago

Woodrow Shigeru The Flashback controls were unconventional, too, but no problem anymore once you got used to them.

3 years ago

Aiden Bains Reminds me that I still need to play Flashback

3 years ago

Woodrow ShigeruAnother World

4 years ago

I'm seeing this game also came out for SNES. And the Mega Drive, too. I only played it on the Amiga. … So, which version is the best? And why.

Gries He Well yesterday I played the 15th Anniversary version of Another World on PC, it has enhanced graphics and sound, more checkpoints, a making of and a developer diary featuring Eric Chahi.

4 years ago

Woodrow Shigeru Enhanced sound and a developer diary sound very interesting. More checkpoints ruins the original game flow, though, I reckon … non?

4 years ago

Aiden BainsAnother World

4 years ago

Yes! I'm glad this site uses Another World's real name, unlike how UG used its disgusting 'Out of this World' title

Pape Badiane Agreed!

4 years ago

Leo Barbosa wrote his opinion about Another World

5 years ago

It has a good premise, but it falls short with a lackluster gameplay.

Score: 6.5 (Not bad!)

Antsy Banger wrote his opinion about Another World

6 years ago

You could copy paste a text about ICO here, switch some words and have it fit right in. In other words THE ORIGINAL MAGIC FRIENDSHIP JOURNEY...!

Score: 7.5 (Good!)

Pape Badiane wrote his opinion about Another World

7 years ago

When Another World first came out, I could not believe what I was seeing. The animation was ahead of its time (spiritual predecessor of Flashback) and the story was great despite the lack of real dialogue.
A truly unforgettable experience!!

Score: 10.0 (Classic!)


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