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Amazon Video is an Internet video on demand service developed and operated by It offers television shows and films for rental or purchase and as part of Amazon's Prime subscription, selected titles can be viewed exclusively to full Prime or Prime Video members, in which Video membership allows viewing without full Prime. Like competitors, Amazon has pursued a number of exclusive content deals to differentiate its service, including a multi-year licensing deal with HBO in the United S... View more [Wikipedia]

nodley Green wrote his opinion about Amazon Video

8 months ago

What a stinking pile of fucking dogshit!

I thought I'd try it, I love Netflix and for just another £7 a month the variety would be nice. YOU HAVE TO BUY EPISODES OR SEASONS AS WELL AS PAY YOUR MONTHLY FEE!!! Seriously Amazon, go fuck yourself and die.

Subscription cancelled.

Husky Wing what the fuck is sad-laughing it's like my face is trying to sob and laugh at the same time

8 months ago

nodley Green It's like your cum face

8 months ago

Aramonde Hasashi LMAO!!!!!!

8 months ago

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  • Amazon Unbox
  • Amazon Instant Video and Demand

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